S.O.4050 Vautour IIN (late) or F-84G-26-RE?

What is please better for Air Real B. ?

I’m low on SL so I can’t buy repairs and I need wait for free repairs. I’m using Vautour and PB4Y with 24 days and 6 days Free repair time :-( These planes get very easy killed. Already bored of cheaper vehicles :-(

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I’d say the F-84 is more consistent, bit tedious but I’d still go for it.

Thank you.

INN late is much better. You see, she gets SARH missiles that are great for head-ons. And almost nobody you face is aware of it. So, you get to mop the floor with the early jet bombers such as B57, IL28, etc. and Tu4s. The plane is a lot of fun. I was so surprised, she is definetely my go-to plane when there is a task of “kill 10,000 bombers” - takes no time to do it cause you can knock out 2-3 bombers a session.

You get an air start and a radar, so pretty much right away you know if there are targets for you to be had. If there is nothing on the scope, you can land, leave the session and continue to the next game (seeing how not taking losses might be very important for you).

She is a joy to unlock the next rank with.

Trust me, get her.

PS She will also teach you to use radar and SARH missiles, unless of course you already had experience with these using other nations.

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Many thanks :-) I will choose this plane. I need learn to use radar and SARH.

F-84G also has high potential in GRB, its a great turnfighter and CAS plane. Vaultour has fun SRAH missiles but turns like a school bus. Both are great choices but from a multirole perspective the F-84G is better.

I would like to research USA F-84 in the future. Are please FR and USA versions different ?

If you get the RE version (br 7.7) in the US it will be exactly the same as in the French tech tree.

Thank you.