Ryzen system issues

So Ive been having an issue with my game literally freezing my whole system randomly and at first I tought it was some issue with my pc and I tried everything driver updates window updates memory checks lowering settings dx11/12/vulkan I havent left anything else to do except bios update (which cant really be bothered atm), but after searching for a little I found out that it is a universal issue with some amd Ryzen cpus mine, which is a ryzen 3 2200g and also found out it happens in 2400g systems too. Some of these posts are literally 4+ years old and still nothing has been done about it. It doesnt particularly bother me since the pc with this cpu is my brothers and he doesnt play the game, but its really frustrating that some people literally cant play the game on particular cpus for YEARS now and nothing has been done about that