RWR on several aircraft is completely non functional in sim only


I’ve noticed on several aircraft now but RWR’s seem to be completely inactive in sim battles for AT LEAST the following aircraft:

F5 (All variants US and China)
A7 (All variants)
F8-E/U 2
F104-C/S TAF/G China (I can’t check the others)

My method of discovery then testing was first to get shot down in sim with a radar missile by a plane I thought I could detect (eg: 27ER from M29 when I was in F14) then to notice I wasn’t getting any pings from ground radar around the runway when I respawned.

Returned to hangar and checked the receiving bands for the RWR on x-ray before I went into a sim test drive to check if I received a ping from the 2S6 there being an E band radar I could detect which I didn’t, when switching to RB for the test drive pings were received leading to the conclusion this was a sim only bug.

Repeat for all aircraft

Note: This list is not exhaustive as I can’t test drive and check every plane, I will edit and add more bugged planes should I find them.


noticing the same thing even now

it is still very much FUBAR