Russians are smoooooth

Believe it or not this is a Mig 21I. The only one ever built.
Russian mirage/draken? if added might be a funni jet to fly

I believe this one is Analog, it’s an interesting looking aircraft.

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analog meaning?
i mean it was only built to test the flight performance of the wings which were later used on some other larger aircraft but yes

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Sorry, that’s the name, and yes it was used to test the wing design for the Tu-144, the super sonic airliner.

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i dont think it ever actually carried weapons or even a gun but with some… ahem, bending, gaijin could add this

It’s a stretch, I don’t think it ever carried weapons unfortunately.

a shame though, i wouldve liked a more speedophobic mig 21

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So, like the yak141 then?

nah,that thing did carry weapons afaik

and here