Russian fuel tank explosions do not kill crew

When are Russian fuel tanks going to be installed on NATO MBTs to offer similar protection.


When nato will build better tanks smh

Wait what dude the fuel tanks get hit once and tank explodes

Russian bias.

Tbh you don’t want that on NATO tanks. Of course fuel tank will eat some shot, but if you have ever try Leclerc, you will understand how bad it is.

T-80s have significant better protection in front, but not in the case of NATO tanks. So I think that is a big NO for me.

BTW I think if your crew’s health skill is high enough you can in fact survive a fuel tank explosion.

Yes if your crew vitality is high it is more chance you will not die. No this does not make up for the modeling of Russian fuel tanks which do not cause damage to the crew when they explode despite being internal.

I play the LeClerc that is why I recognize such difference since my fuel tank which is exterior is treated like the ammo wheel on T-72s.