Royal Thai Air Force modern roundel

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The “flying elephant” roundel for the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) presented in-game were only briefly used between 1941 - 1945, during the time that that the dictator Pleak Phibunsongkhram tried to enforce more “traditional” cultural reforms, one of these reform was by replacing the “westernized” roundel of the Royal Thai Air Force that was used from 1919 with the “flying elephant” roundel. After his fall from power after the war, the standard circular roundel was re-adapted in 1945 and was used since.

My suggestion is to add the “modern” version of the Royal Thai Air Force roundel that is used since 1919 except during the World War II. Given that the Thai-sub tree is already passed for consideration, I think this roundel would better represent the history of the RTAF rather than the current one we have in the game.

Example of aircraft with this roundel:


Grumman_F8F-1_Bearcat_at_the_Royal_Thai_ A0113580812030164717.jpg.aef13ee9ee0b3b9 F-86Ls_RThaiAF_in_flight_1966.jpg.acf451 1280px-F-5E_Royal_Thai_AF_at_Korat_2000. Saab_JAS_39_Gripen_70106_(Royal_Thai_Air 1920px-Royal_Thai_Air_Force_F-16_descend

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