Rotem KW2 Jupiter Fire Support Vehicle: Thundering Fury

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Rotem KW2 Jupiter Fire Support Vehicle: Thundering Fury


The Rotem KW2 Jupiter on display.

  • Basic Description:
    • The Rotem KW2 Jupiter is a Fire Support Vehicle developed by Rotem which is a subsidiary of the automotive company Hyundai. The KW2 Jupiter is a variant of the Rotem KW2 8x8 vehicles designed for infantry support in the South Korean Army. Not much is known of the KW2 Jupiter other than its designed to be a mobile assault gun capable of supporting infantry and in rare cases against main battle tanks. The KW2 Jupiter features an autoloaded 120mm main gun capable of firing all standard NATO rounds. It also is equipped with Thermal Imagers for the Gunner/Commander. The hull itself is designed to protect infantry up to 12.7mm caliber weapons with the option of addon armor to protect it against heavier fire. The KW2 Jupiter features a standard layout of Mobile Gun Systems, with the engine and Driver in the front with the commander and gunner towards the center-rear. It is unknown what type of electronics the vehicle has, however it can be determined the Driver has some access to thermal imagery with the use of the rear camera as well as an APS system. Currently the KW2 Jupiter is not in service with any country.
    • This post is to bring awareness to the uniqueness of ROK vehicles and capabilities.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Fire Support Vehicle
    • Origin:
      • South Korea
    • Armament:
      • Primary: 120mm Autoloaded Smoothbore Gun
        • Ammunition:
          • APFSDS-T
          • HEAT
            • Note: Uses similar ammunition to the K1 and K2 Main Battle Tanks, standard NATO ammunition.
      • Coaxial: 7.62mm Machine Gun
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 7.2m (8.5m w/ Gun)
    • Width: 2.7m
    • Height: 2.9m
    • Weight: 20-25t
  • Mobility:
    • Engine: 380hp - Hyundai Turbo-charged Diesel Engine
    • Max Speed: 100km/h
    • Transmission: Automatic (7-Forward, 1-Reverse)
    • Suspension: 8x8
  • Crew:
    • Commander/Gunner
    • Driver
  • Modifications:
    • Thermal Imagers
      • User(s):
        • Gunner/Commander
        • Driver(?)
    • Night Vision Device(s):
      • User(s):
        • Driver
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Soft-kill Active Protection System
    • Armor:
      • Composite:
        • Unknown, most likely STANAG Level II with modular armor bringing it to Level IV+.
    • 24x 76mm Smoke Grenades
  • In-game:
    • Adding this vehicle would provide a counterpart to the existing Centauro B1 120mm of the Italian TT, as well as driving uniqueness due to its powerful 120mm gun on an 8x8 chassis featuring an APS suite.
    • With it’s capabilities, it would best be suited around battle rating 11.0 (realistic).
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  • Imagery:

Images of the KW2 Jupiter on display.

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