Rosomak APC-HITFACT 120mm turret

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1-Rosomak 8x8 Hitfact 120mm turret

The Polish company Rosomak SA in Siemianowice Śląskie was founded in 1952 as a military machine shop, with a long tradition of repairing, upgrading and manufacturing special equipment for the army. In 2002, the Polish Ministry of National Defense signed a contract for the purchase and production under license of the Finnish Patria AMV vehicle, to be produced in Poland at Rosomak SA, thus the KTO Rosomak was born, a light combat vehicle built in various versions. At MSPO 2017 the Rosomak APC equipped with the HITFACT 120 turret system, produced by the Italian consortium Leonardo, and armed with the OTO Melara 120 mm/45 smoothbore cannon, characterized by low recoil and high accuracy, ensuring firepower at the level of an MBT, optimized turret size and weight do not limit the vehicle’s tactical capabilities and mobility. HITFACT 120 is a three-man turret (commander, gunner and loader), made of aluminum alloy covered with composite ballistic shields, whose cannon works with standard NATO ammunition. The turret system features a modular duplicate fire control system with an open architecture (with, among others, an on-board computer, automatic target tracking system and weather sensors), a command, control and navigation, smoke grenade launchers and has built-in FCS diagnostic functions. Secondary armament consists of a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, a vehicle commander-operated pivotal 7.62mm machine gun, and a magazine-operated 12.7mm HMG. Additionally, the KTO chassis has been extended from 7.77m to 8.83m, the width remains the same at 2.83m and the height with turret is 3.88m. Similarly, the wheelbase and ground clearance remain unchanged at 2.45m and 0.43m respectively, the total vehicle weight is 26 tonnes. The 8x8 tank destroyer is intended primarily for combating land targets, including enemy tanks. The turret and armor of the vehicle provide level 4 ballistic protection in accordance with STANAG 4569. The engine has an output of 490hp which propels it on the road at 100km/h. Overall this is a great vehicle and would be a lot of fun to play in War Thunder maps, I hope it gets added very soon.

Specifications - Performance:
Rosomak APC HITFACT 120mm turret -Specifications - Performance

2-Rosomak 8x8 Hitfact 120mm turret
3-Rosomak 8x8 Hitfact 120mm turret
4-Rosomak 8x8 Hitfact 120mm turret



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