Rooikat 76mm has a bent barrel

Second shot is aimed to the right of the barrel breach trying to hit gunner. Round hits corner of front / side plate and dissapears. Someone wants to check the barrel of this tank I think it needs replacing.
On a serious note, how does shit like this STILL go unchecked? On the replay you can see the scope sight is correct but the cursor is just no where near right, can only assume this is some sort of desync?
Video evidence

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Looks like sabot

You mean the petals? they should fall well short of that and viewing the replay why is the UI corsor over the exact spot my shell hits in the replay?
The cursor should NOT be there, and also why is the scope jumping everywhere?

It would be best if you posted enemy tank, because can’t see anything on your video. Also it would be better to get replay from server to see what is actually happening.

Not sure how how you cant see anything on the video but the enemy tank is a T-64A (1971)
I just viewed replay right after returning to hangar how do i specificaly get the replay from the server?

Pretty sure it’s the petals I see this using sabot a lot

So what happened to my main shot? Why does the pen cam prioritise the petals??? and why was my cursor over the petal on the replay?

Same happens in naval. It’s bad at represent g multiple hits, I’m guessing it’s showing the last impact at time the hit cam pops up. And it’s only showing the damage done by the petal not the other separate damage done by the projectile.

As I said naval has something similar having so many shells firing at once.

Is this sim mode?
because in sim, you aim with the actual gunner’s sight, and not from inside the barrel.

Its sim and I know what you mean but the difference in where I aimed and where the cam showed I shot was massive. @Razielkaine has pretty much answered my query.
Its obvious the devs dont see this as an issue so no point in complaining i dont think

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It’s called gunner’s parallax, and that’s why we’re trained to aim center mass and not do what we do in Ground RB. Because aiming at specific targets on tanks will mess up your shot horribly unless you have your gun boresighted to precisely where your GPS and GAS are sighted.

Sorry to see this though, boresighting should be a thing in Sim.