Romanian TR-85M2

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The TR-85M2 is a TR-85M1 prototype which replaces its old 860 hp engine with a 1,200 hp V12 engine built by IVECO. This would improve its power to weight ratio from 17.2hp/t to 24hp/t, which would have a noticeable improvement to acceleration and possibly even top speed. beyond that, the vehicle retains all other specs the TR-85M1 possesses. This prototype was tested in 2002, but it was never selected as an upgrade for the TR-85M1, possibly due to cost related reasons. Though various sources refer to this prototype as “M2” there isn’t any solid evidence that it was given that designation, or any designation which separates it from the M1.

Ways to visually distinguish the M1 and M2:
Though there are no pictures I know of which shows the M2 variant, there are ways Gaijin could visually distinquish the TR-85M1 and M2. For one thing some UFP of the TR-85 looks slightly different from one another, and some have rubber pads on the tracks while others have more Soviet style all metal tracks.



TR-85s have also been seen featuring two different types of laser warning receivers, some have the Polish WPL-1 Bobrawa system, with 4 small sensors, with one seen on each composite screen on the turret cheeks, and one on each corner of the rear ammo bustle. the two images below show the LWS system up close, as well as it being featured on a TR-85



The other system sometimes seen is the SAILR system which can be seen on top of the bustle rack of the turret. which you can see below.


(Center for Strategic Studies of Defense and Security Pg.195)

Edit: Though sources all seem to agree that the frontal hull armors total thickness is 200mm, I have seen some sources claim its just RHA, while others claim its composite or “layered” armor. If it is indeed composite, then its most likely just glass taxolite sandwiched in between 2 RHA plates like on early T-72 variants, as the T-72 Ural-1 was the only tank with internal composite armor that Romania had at the time.

Why it should be added:
If a Romanian Tech/Sub-Tech Tree gets added to the game, this would be a good option for a vehicle which is next in line after the TR-85M1(A), as its improved mobility would likley warrant it to be placed a BR higher than the M1, and would further help fill its respective rank with capable vehicles.

Mass: 50 long tons

Mobility: 1,200 hp engine, 24hp/t, 4 forward gears, 2 reverse gears

Weaponry: 1x 100mm A308 rifled gun (41 rounds, two plain stabalized), 1x 7.62mm PKT coaxial machine gun (500 rounds), 1x 12.7mm roof mounted DShK HMG (750 rounds)

Protection: Turret front: 320mm + composite screens, Hull front: 200mm (RHA/Glass Taxolite composite), Laser Warning Receiver, 16x 81mm smoke launchers, ESS

Electronics: Ciclop-M FCS, Laser Range Finder, Thermal sights for the gunner

Crew: 4 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader)


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YES! I want so much to be able to play Romanian tanks. Hoping for Romania in Italy! +1

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