Romanian TR-85M1A

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The TR-85M1A is a prototype designed in 1998 as a possible upgrade package for the TR-85M1 currently in service. From what I was able to dig up, the only functional diffrences I could find between the M1A, and M1: is the presence of more armor in the form of new composite screens on the turret cheeks which offer slightly better coverage than the ones seen on the standard M1, as well as an additional armor plate welded to the hulls upper front plate (I’d guess between 10-20mm thick), as well as 4 additional smoke launchers located above the main gun. This variant also lacks thermal imaging, unlike its M1 sister.

other differences I’ve been able to spot that wouldn’t have any actual impact on gameplay, but rather set it apart visually from the TR-85M1 is: a lack of rubber pads on the tracks, the bore evacuator is located in the middle of the main gun instead of the very tip, a large storage bin placed on the rear of the turret, and the rear facing spotlight is placed higher up than the standard model.

Beyond what I’ve mentioned above, it basically has everything else the TR-85M1 has, same engine, armaments, FCS, etc. This upgrade was probably not accepted into service because it would increase its weight, and the additional armor gained would likley do very little against modern AT weapons, so it was likley concluded that the armor increase was not worth the weight increase.

Edit: Though sources all seem to agree that the frontal hull armors total thickness is 200mm, I have seen some sources claim its just RHA, while others claim its composite or “layered” armor. If it is indeed composite, then its most likely just glass taxolite sandwiched in between 2 RHA plates like on early T-72 variants, as the T-72 Ural-1 was the only tank with internal composite armor that Romania had at the time.

Why it should be added:
If a Romanian Tech/Sub-Tech Tree is added to the game, this would be a good vehicle to place before the TR-85M1, and possibly have the TR-85M1 foldered with it. It being positioned before the TR-85M1, and possibly even a BR lower is due to it sacrificing thermal imaging in exchange for more smoke, and improved additional armor coverage.


The text in the image above is what’s written on the brass plate located on the side skirt

Mass: 50 tons

Engine/Transmission/Mobility: 860 hp diesel engine, 4 forward gears, 2 reverse gears, 60km/h (37.3mph)

Armaments: 1x 100mm A308 rifled gun (41 rounds), two plain stabilizer, 1x 7.62 PKT coaxial machine gun (500 rounds), roof mounted 12.7mm DShK machine gun (750 rounds).

Protection: Turret: 320mm + composite screens, hull: 200mm (RHA/Glass Taxolite composite) + 10-20mm additional armor plate, Laser Warning Reciver, 20x 81mm smoke launchers, ESS.

Electronics: Ciclop-M FCS, Laser Range Finder.

Crew: 4 (Driver, Gunner, Loader, Commander)

Photo Gallery:







This prototype doesn’t have a thermal sight, it has additional smoke grenades launchers instead.

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You can also see the laser and radar illumination warning system called WPL-1 Bobrawa placed on the front and at the back of the tower. This system was developed in Poland but reportedly 78 sets were shipped to Romania. WPL-1 Bobrawa was also used on TR-125 tanks. For more information about the system see this link.

Photo of WPL-1 Bobrawa (the small device next to the number 1) on Polish T-55AM tank:

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Yeah I saw that, I didnt feel it was worth mentioning since its also on the standard TR-85M1 (or at least a variant of it is) so both the M1, and M1A would have 360 degree laser warning receivers (which i did mention).

However I didn’t actually know where they got it from and just assumed it was part of the Ciclop-M suite. Very interesting.

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Another interesting fact is that the production TR-85M1 tanks do not have unified laser warning receivers. Take a look at the first and the second tank in the following photo:

The first one uses WPL-1 Bobrawa and the second uses the SAILR system. You can find plenty of images of both subvariants (if I can call them subvariants) online.

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Where are the SAILR LWR sensors?

This is a picture of the SAILR sensor:

I got the image from the website of Center for Strategic Studies of Defense and Security. You can see the whole document here (the picture is on page 195).

As far as I am concerned, this sensor is mounted on the rear part of the turret roof:

In this photo is it covered with a lid (hinges can be seen on the sides).

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