Romanian T-55AM2R

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The T-55AM2R was originally T-55A that were obtained from the Soviet Union, that were later upgraded to the AM2 standard, with changes made to the suspension, roadwheels, powerpack, armament, armor, FCS and others.

In more detail, the Romanians had given the tank a new engine producing 620 hp (possibly the V-55U supercharger diesel), It was of course given the additional composite armor package, as well as smoke launchers making its protection equal to the T-55AM1 in game. The 100mm gun was also changed to a Romanian built version (likley the A308 100mm rifled gun), which its likely compatible with most soviet ammo for their 100mm guns, as well as any the Romanians had produced, the barrel was also given a thermal sleeve. The most notable change which sets this variant apart from the other AM2s is that it was fitted with the Romanian made Ciclop Fire Control System, the same FCS used on the early TR-85 models, you can see a similar laser range finder above the barrel. They may not be the same, but you can see the family resemblance, and many of the modifications for this tank would be used to help develop the TR-85, and possibly the earlier TR-77.

In game T-55AM-1
You can see the differences in the range finders placed above the barrels in the pictures above.

Truth be told I’m a bit unfamiliar with how the Ciclop FCS differs functionally from other FCS’ fitted on other T-55AM variants, as I couldn’t find any sources which go into any real detail about it, so if anyone has any insight into this, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see about including it in the vehicles description.

The tank also received a new drivers seat, cleaning systems for the optics roof mounted machine gun, PKT coaxial, regular relay, and collector ring assembly, as well as new infra-red headlamp, and gunners sight assembly, a new radio, modernized clutch control system, and steering gear system, as well as anti-napalm, and anti-radiation shielding. (This paragraph was paraphrased from the paper screenshot above, which goes into far more detail then I if your interested).

Beyond all that, its basically just another T-55, and would likley function very similar to the AM-1 in game right now. Oh and some sources do claim that the designation “T-55AM2R” is incorrect, however they don’t provide any alternative designation which distinguishes it from its Czech, and Russian brethren, which is why im still calling it the AM2R in this suggestion.

Why it should be added:
If a Romanian Tech/Sub-Tech tree is added, the hard truth is much of the Romanian vehicles added will be copy-paste, and so I’m proposing this as an option that is slightly better than just a complete copy paste, as it does have some visual, and stat differences from the in game AM-1, while still being similar enough in appearance, and function where it wont be nearly as difficult for the devs to implement compared to having to design a completley new tank for the game. Beyond that it would just serve to boost Romania’s position at ~8.7 spot.

likley very similar to the AM-1

Turret: Front 205mm + composite screens, sides 130mm, rear 60mm, roof 30mm
Hull: Front: 100mm + composite screens, side 79mm (upper) 20mm (lower), rear 60mm, belly 20mm, roof 33-16mm

620 hp V-55U diesel, 5 forward gears, 1 reverse

1x A308 100mm rifled gun (42 rounds), 1x 7.62 PKT coaxial machine gun, 1x roof mounted 12.7mm DShK machine gun.

8x smoke launchers, ESS

Fire Control System:

4 (Driver, Gunner, Loader, Commander)

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+1 for the Romanian sub-tree for Italy.