Romanian Roundel Decal

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There are a lot of Romanians on this game and some of us, even me, are tired of using Spanish Roundel instead of having one with Romanian Roundel.
The Spanish one being purple in the center instead of blue like our flag.
There are so many players who use it like this, but we would like to have our own roundel, as all our milestone vehicles in our country have.
This Roundel can be found in the game and the best example is on the Gepard skin ( Parade On Romania’s National Day 2013 ) So if possible we would like all Romanians to have this decal introduced in the range, this means a lot for us.


They may be saving it for when Romania is added to the game, but regardless, it belongs in War Thunder. +1


Would love to see more Romanian stuff in general, I’ve already got that awesome H-5 skin for Hungarian IL-28. Hopefully they will add more as well as decals and vehicles.