Romanian R35/T-26

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Not much is known about this vehicles history, as really the only reliable thing to go off of regarding it would be a photo of it being loaded onto a train, along with a captured T-26 behind it. The vehicle belonged to the 2nd Armored Regiment.


This was likely a field conversion done by the Romanians, or maybe even the Germans, which takes the turret of a T-26 mod. 1933 and mounts it onto a R35 hull. As the vehicle doesn’t appear to have any other external modifications done to it which would imply that it was factory converted, or even one which was planned to be done to numerous vehicles. Why it was done could have been any number of reasons, such as damage to the R35s original turret, T-26 hull, or both, or they just wanted to up-gun their R35. It is possible that this conversion may have inspired the design of the Vânătorul de Care R35, however if its just a one off conversion, than its unlikely.

This conversion is very similar to a different conversion that was done by the Germans known as the Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 Turm. Only this conversion instead uses a T-26 mod.1938 turret instead of the 1933 model. The Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 Turm is belived to have been converted in the mid/late war somewhere in Yugoslavia, likely to deal with partisan resistance. This is why it is believed the Germans may have at least had a helping hand with converting the Romanian version.

The two images above shows the Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 Turm. Notice the German markings, as well as the more conical turret compared to the Romanian versions more cylindrical turret.

Why it should be added to the game:
If a Romanian Tech/Sub Tech Tree is added, Romania simply wouldn’t offer very many (unique) low rank vehicles for players to try out, and this vehicle could be an interesting one to place along side the Vânătorul de Care R35, as it possesses the same gun, but sacrifices turret protection in exchange for a 3rd crew member which could give it a superior reload rate.

-Armament: 1x 45mm 20k main gun, 1x 7.62 DT machine gun
-Turret Armor: 15mm
-Hull Armor: 32mm/40mm/40mm
-Engine: 82 hp
-Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)
-Mass: between 9.6-10.6 metric tons



Seeing as though the Romanians, if they even did get a sub-tech tree, would have minimal vehicles to offer, it’d make sense to make this a German premium. most likely 1.3. It only makes sense, and as we know only at most a dozen of these were made, combined, and it is kind of an overpowered tank, with the armour and such.

This looks nice c:

Romanians don’t have much unique WW2 vehicles to add. but they have plenty of cold war vehicles on offer. and I don’t think this tank would be overpowered at all. Because yes its armor is nice, but that’s only on the hull, the turret has at most: 15mm of armor, so its by no means hard to kill

The german army modified many differen R35, for ammo carriers, arty puller and as Pzj R35

+1, I want this and the Vânătorul de Care R35 in tech tree, be it France, Germany or Italy tree.

I was at first in the Italy camp for a romanian tree, but since they got Hungary, I think theyd be best in the French tree.

Tho it could work with Germany, I think there are other nations that would suit them better

Yes, I am more leaning towards the minor nations getting this vehicle.