Romanian Air sub-tree

So i think a Romanian Sub tree would be very good here’s why
1- its got a lot of projects and good Romanian made planes
2- it could help another nation with the mig29 mig21 and f16
3- the Hungarian tree got added so why not Romania :(
Q : where would we even put it
A : France because its a ally of Romania and could help with top tier
any other questions ask and ill try to answer




I want this anti air as premium pack now.

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Romanian planes seem to go to Italy as well (“minor Axis” idea). There are already some in the Italian TT: IAR-81C, Hs-129 B-2, He-112 B1/U2, SM.79B + some planes under Hungarian flag have Romanian camos available, like Bf-109 G-2 and recently added H-5 market blue camo for IL-28.
Imo that’s good, since both Hungary and Romania had a lot of same models in service + Romania can bring few very interesting and unique designs/modifications.
Romania also has few Italian-built WW2 destroyers, few own helicopter variants and a bunch of Cold War europeanized Soviet tanks.

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At this point I think romania would require a tech tree not a sub tree, just because romania has so many vehicles from different nations and it wouldn’t be fitting to put it just in 1 sub tree.