Rolland 1 Radar Not Locking On in 3rd Person

I don’t know if it’s working as intended or not, but the radar on the Rolland (French Tech Tree) is unable / unwilling to lock on in 3rd person. Thus far others SPAAs have been able to, the Rolland needs to be in Gunsight or Binoculars to attempt lock on.

Also another issue with it, in Ground Arcade Battles (PVE) The drivers are the ones who controls the sighting binocs, do I need the improved ones for the commander to scout or is this a bug ?

I am not sure but for some reason lock on in 3RD person was removed and might still be removed for most if not all SPAAs.

I assume this is to approximatively model or imitate how modern a fire control system is depending on its “generation”.

Question is if those system indeed have an automated detection, locking and tracking, or if IRL the gunner had to manually assign a detected target to lock it.

Note also for example that comparing to its German pendant, the FlaRakPz 1, the French Roland’s turret only has the search radar, not the tracking radar installed. IIRC the FlaRakPz 1 has the capability to lock in 3rd person view, yes?

The same you have IIRC when you compare the AMX-30 DCA and Marksman, which lack the “automated locking”, with the Gepard and Type 87 which if memory serves me well have the automated locking.

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