Rogue Squadron of War Thunder

We’ve got a small community already started in this particular clan/squadron, however you prefer to call it. I personally like to play American, and alot of the activity works around that, though many others in the clan play other nations, so while it’s fun to do so and I’ve been known to plug for it, there’s no need to feel like you have to.

We have a discord at this link Rogue Squadron Armada and it’s pretty active there, with roles in that server for multiple gaming titles that I won’t name here out of respect for the WT devs and forum mods.

Feel free to check out our squadron and even poke into the discord if you want, and my best wishes to you all in Christ.

-RossoRacer, squadron leader at =RSWT=

Also, and I suppose I should have put this into the original post, but better late than never, most battles with this group take place during what would be daylight and evening hours on the American east coast. That can vary as everybody has real-life obligations, but games can really form at any time, as we have a rather open discord server and anybody can hop into voice at any time there.