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The No.13 class submarine chaser (sub class No.28) No.49 began its life at Hakodate dock on January 31 1944. She served with the IJN until she was decommissioned on October 5 1945 and her armament removed. She was then transferred to the Republic of China Navy on October 3 1947 as part of the fourth batch of compensation ships.

After receiving her she was renamed 5 times over her service with the ROCN.
Her first name was “received warship No.30” between 1947-1949.
Then as “Submarine destroyer No.11” between 1949-1950.
Then as “Haihong” (SC-401) between July 1, 1950-December 30, 1950.
Most famously as “Yalong” (PGM-86) between January 1951-March 1954.
Finally as “Qujiang” (PGM-106) April 1954-October 1955.

When handed over to the ROC she was initially planed to become a anti-smuggling ship however the customs office didn’t want her as she was in poor condition. She was then assigned to the second patrol boat team and was sent to Dinghai factory to be renovated and have her armament reinstalled. Renovations were completed in 1951 and that was when she was renamed as “Yalong”.

She initially had a Japanese 76mm gun with a covering as her main armament but it was later changed to an American 76mm gun. Various US and Japanese cannons and machine guns were equipped to her as well, primarily a 40mm bofors and a multitude of 25mm cannons.

Her most famous battle was the Battle of Gengmen Island (1954/5/17) where she covered trapped US intelligence personnel as they were being recovered by the Anti-Communist Salvation Army Maritime Commando Corps. She then met ten communist Chinese gunboats and a battle ensued. The nationalist side claims she sunk three gunboats and damaged two. When she came back her and her crew were hailed as heroes for facing off against 10 communist gunboats and winning the battle.

The “Yalong” was decommissioned on October 1, 1956, and sold to Tang Rong and Guanghua Iron Works for dismantling.

Other battles:

At 23:45 on July 1, 1954 the Lingjiang warship and the Yalong warship found an active target in the western waters of Toumen Island in the northwest sea of ​​Yaoheng Mountain. In the column, 4 gunboats spread out one by one. The Lingjiang ship was shot on the starboard side because it was within the range of the white sand shore artillery at the head of the communist army, and lost power. The other three ships were also shot and damaged and fled towards Haimen. The Taizhao warship left the port to help at 1:50 and the Zheng’an warship and Lin’an warship also went to the west of Baijiashan to wait for orders and then transferred to Dachashan Mountain and Xibeibian. Suppressing the CCP’s coastal artillery, the Lingjiang warship was towed back by the Taizhao warship.


Specifications (mostly of the original No 13 classes)

Length: 51 m (167 ft 4 in)

Beam: 6.70m (22ft)

Draught: 2.63 m (8ft 8 in)

Propulsion: 2 x Kampon Mk.23B model 8 diesels, 2 shafts, 1,700bhp

Speed: ~ 16 knots

Crew: ~ 66-68


1 x Japanese 76mm gun (early configuration)

1 x US 3 inch gun

1 x 40mm bofors

4-5? x 25mm Japanese gun

2 x single 13 mm guns

1 x double 13mm gun


Couple more images:



In game
In game the Yalong would bring a unique flair to the Chinese coastal tech tree. With a 3 inch main gun, 40 mm bofors cannon and and a multitude of cannons and machine guns she would bring considerable firepower to the battle.



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⚓️「艦」往知來📖—鯁門島海戰 - 海軍動態 - 中華民國海軍

復興基地時期海軍歷次重要戰役 - 西西河




She could be added in both her early and late configurations, one premium and one TT. +1

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