ROCS LSSL 272 “Lien Jen”

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Originally USS LCS(L)(3)-56 she was laid down on August 5, 1944 at Albina Engine and Machine works in Portland Oregon. She was then launched September 7 1944 and served with the US navy from 1944 to sometime before 1952. She was then transferred to the Ryukyuan coast guard in Japan on February 1, 1952. Finally on February 19 1954 she was then handed over to the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Yokosuka port, Japan with two other LSSL’s and was renamed as ROCS LSSL 272 Lien Jen. Interestingly she was the only one of the three to receive a twin Bofors as her forward bow armament while the others received one single Bofors.

During her service as LSSL 272 Lien Jen she was stationed at Taiwan’s outer islands and mainly undertook patrol duties. During this time the Taiwan strait was a tense place and she participated in a few skirmishes and battles against the Chinese communists. One of these battles was the battle of Tongshan port. There 5 warships of the ROCS were sent to attack Tongshan port held by the Chinese communists. Lien Jen and her sister LSSL 271 Lien Chih spearheaded the attack by slowly lurching towards the port while the other warships stayed back to cover their retreat. They opened the battle by firing a barrage of rockets at boats and ships docked in the port. The Chinese communists then returned fire with artillery from the shore but they too would be attacked by Lien Jen and Lien Chih and artillery fire from the other warships covering them. After their attack the two LSSL’s turned around and went full speed ahead out of the port and regrouped with the other warships. Communist gunboats were sent out to attack the ships however they were all damaged or destroyed shortly after setting out. In total the Republic of China Navy claimed 9 Chinese communist gunboats sunk. After the battle the captains of the Lien Jen and Lien Chih were awarded with the order of the sacred tripod seventh grade for their actions in battle.

She was scrapped on November 11, 1969 along with LSSL 273 Lien Yong.



Displacement: 250 t (lt), 387 t (fl)

Length: 158’ o.a.

Beam: 23’ 8"


5’ 8" limiting and max draft

loaded, 4’ 9" fwd, 6’ 6" aft


14.4 trial

16.5k max at 650 shaft rpm

14.5kts at 585 shaft rpm

Armor: 10-lb STS splinter shield to gun mounts, pilot house and conning tower


6 Officers

54 Enlisted


2 quad packs of 4 General Motors 6051 series 71 Diesel engines per shaft, BHP 1,600

single General Motors Main Reduction Gears

2 Diesel-drive 60Kw 450V. A. C. Ships Service Generators

twin variable pitch propellers


3 x twin 40mm Bofors (total 6)

4 x 20mm guns

4 x 0.50cal Browning machine gun

10 x 114mm MK7 rocket launchers




Landing Craft Support LCS(L)(3)李鴻章評述.pdf馮國

266 聯捷.......

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