ROCS Jianggong

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Jianggong’s (江功) history started at Tsurumi Steel shipbuilding company on December 26, 1939 as the former 200 ton aircraft rescue freighter “1089”. She was assigned to the Imperial Japanese naval air corps stationed in Kaohsiung (Takao), Taiwan with her home base being the Kaohsiung security base in Zuoying. While there she likely recovered downed Japanese aircraft in the Taiwan strait/ South China Sea areas.
After the war the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) received her and designated her as a gunboat. She was renamed as Chenggong and was assigned to the 3rd gunboat squadron headquartered in her home port in Zuoying. After July 1, 1950 she was renamed to Jianggong (YP-549) and became the flagship of the second patrol fleet stationed in Magong on Penghu island. One of her main tasks was escorting Chiang Kai Chek on the “Emei” (Ex-USS Maumee) ship during his visits to the Dachen islands in the mid 1950’s. She also escorted Chiang Kai Chek herself as he toured the defense of Taiwan’s Penghu islands. Her fate afterwards is unknown though she was likely scrapped in the late 50’s or early 60’s.

Her appearance is more or less the same as her sister JDS Okichidori (formerly 1090) in her post war configuration.


Crew: 8 officers, 38 enlisted

Full length: 41 meters

Maximum width: 5.9 meters

Average draft: 2.060 meters

Full load displacement: 190 tons

Waterline: 1.9 meters

Powerplant: 2 x 400 HP 4 stroke steamless fuel injection internal combustion engine (800HP total)

Speed: 14 knots


1 x type 96 25mm bow

1 x twin type 96 25mm gun stern

4 x 13mm guns (2 x on both sides of the bridge and 2 x on top of the rear cabin)

Chiang Kai Chek on Jianggong during his patrol of the Penghu island defenses





P425 blueprint



®ü¼á, «n¦w, ²a¦w, ®ü¹ç, Ä~¥ú, ¤Ñ²», ªv¥­, «Ø¥­,.....

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