Rocket exploded on launch?

Was playing a realistic battle in the P-51D-10, started launching rockets at a base, and my plane effectively exploded as I launched maybe the second rocket. Didn’t even do anything different in launching as compared to usual that I could tell, and there wasn’t anybody trying to shoot at me. I even rewatched the replay a couple different times in super slow motion, even streaming it on discord to get extra thoughts from friends, and there doesn’t seem to be any idea as to how it could have happened besides maybe a wing somehow clipping a rocket as it launched, or maybe a glitch in the mechanics somehow. Anybody here have any ideas?


Looks like there’s not an option to upload the replay here, just pictures.

There a link to the replay that you can copy on the message that gives you the result of the game

Still not figuring it out I’m afraid. Maybe tomorrow when I’m more awake.

Would it be the “session code” listed?

This is the best place to grab the replay link from for the rest of us to view

If you search for one of the players in your match, and tick the ‘Find replays with my participation’, you should get fewer results.

When you find the replay, you can copy link from it.

Then you can paste it into the posts here and we can then click it and check it.

Ok, found it.

Here ya go Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Yea, that’s just purely unfortunate… One of the AAA batteries got your rocket and made it explode, making you explode.

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Wait, really? I didn’t even see the tracer round coming even at 0.006x speed.

It’s a burst shell, hits from the right hand AAA, explodes to your left.

Bang on 5:12-5:14

I must be blind, gonna have to take your word for it. Even at 0.002x speed I don’t see a muzzle flash from the ground, or anything impacting the rocket. It just launches and suddenly there’s an explosion near the left-hand Browning M2’s, and half the right wing is missing along with a few other important things.