ROC props at rank III

With the new changes now both P-51D-20 and P-51K, and the P-38L-1 have gone down to rank III (making the only available planes to grind rank V the Lavochkin’s plus the Ki-84) which I find not very good.
I think a better option would be to folder the P-47D-23-RA with the P-51D-20 (3.7 and 4.3 respectively) keeping both at rank III, and folder the P-47D-30 with the P-51K (both 5.0) and bring them to rank IV, giving China a bit more options for the people (like me) who is currently grinding early jets.

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Fully agree with that - especially as my P-47 D-30 in the Italian tech tree was until a few days ago at rank IV - having the honor and privilege to play almost exclusively together with 4 Ju 288s vs US/UK fighter lobbies.

A fellow player justified the previous rank IV as the Italians used (and received) them only after WW2. This would be valid for ROC P-47s too as they killed as lots of PRC fighters after WW2.