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TYPE: One seated multi-role jetfighter
DESIGNED BY: General Dynamics & Lockheed Martin

1x M-61A1 20mm cannon 500 shots
6x Air to air missiles
1x Kongsberg Penguin anti ship missile

Wingspan: 10.0m
Lenght: 15.1m
Eigne: Pratt & Whitney F 100-220 E
Speed: 2400 km/h Mach 2.05
Range: 3.230 km

SERIAL NUMBERS - times in service and fates

Yes, i wrote and set it up manually, it took me hours and hours and i have done it with every single aircraft suggestion have made!

Beyond the 60s, it was clear that Norway would have to look around for a new buyer for the Starfighter, and the process started in earnest in 1970. Together with the NATO countries Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, several alternatives were considered; French Mirage F.1, Swedish Saab 37 Viggen and either Northrop F-17 or F-16 from General Dynamics, later Lockheed Martin.

The idea was that everyone should choose the same aircraft type, and the group eventually landed on the¨F-16. In the summer of 1975, Norway ordered a total of 74 aircraft, 60 single-seat F-16A and 12 two-seat F/16B. All were to be built under license at the Fokker/factory in the Netherlands. The deal was referred to as the Flight Purchase of the century.

The first aircraft took to the wings on 12 December 1979. The aircraft were produced in blocks and mini-blocks and were developed along the way. The Norwegian F/16A machines came from the main blocks 1, 5, 10 and 15 and were equipped with F100/PW/220E engines with digital electronic fuel control. Hulls have since been reinforced to extend the life of the aircraft, and the main computer, fire control systems, cockpit equipment, electronic equipment and everything has been replaced or upgraded. The largest of these upgrade programmes, MLU-Mid Life Upgrade, which continued until the turn of the year 2002-2003, resulted in 57 aircraft, F-16A and B, being adapted to the block 15 standard. The Block 10 aircraft received, among other things, new wings and tail surfaces. After this upgrade, the one-seaters received the designation F-16AM and the two-seaters F-16BM. The aircraft’s planned lifetime in the Air Force was thereby extended to 2015. This work was mainly done at Kjeller. In addition, there have been several update programs up to the present day.

332 Squadron became the first detachment to receive the F-16. The squadron had been temporarily closed in 1972, but was re-established on 1 January 1980 as the first F-16 division. It was initially given the status of OTU operational training unit, for both pilots and technical personnel, and was able to take over the first aircraft, the two-seater F-16B 301, on 25 January 1980. The aircraft had arrived in Norway ten days earlier. The first one-seater, 272, did not arrive until the end of April.

However, 331 squadron in Bodø became the first operational department to receive F-16s, and from 1 April 1982 it was operational as a pure F-16 department. Then it was 334 and 336 squadrons’ turn, but after a short time 338 squadron took over the role as the fourth F-16 squadron from 336. From the summer of 1985, all four divisions were equipped with F-16s. during these years a number of planes have been lost, and unfortunately pilots have also died. 57 aircraft are still operational, distributed among 331, 332 and 338 squadrons. Norway has subsequently purchased two replacement aircraft from the USA. The F-16 has become the world’s most sought-after combat aircraft. 4,200 aircraft have been reproduced in more than 110 different versions. approx. 22 countries bought machine. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Norwegian aircraft have participated in several international actions such as in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, the Baltics and Libya

A video about the Norwegian F-16, when they were taken out of service


Takk for innsatsen F-16 - YouTube

A video that show the eigne in use/test/control


F-16 Full Afterburner - 11 litres fuel per second! - YouTube



Links to picture of the skins will be provided at a later point. here is the data about them so far

  • 680/80-3680/337 sqdr
  • 279/78-0279/332 sqdr
  • 672/80-3672/334 sqdr
  • 292/78-0292/338 sqdr
  • 659/80-3659/all squadrons
  • 671/80-3671/338 sqdr Tiger
  • 686/80-3686/Norwegian Air force 100 year anniversary



F-16A — ImgBB



General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon – Wikipedia
Venner av Luftforsvaret | Facebook

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Hadde vært veldig kult å ha det i spillet!


I think that would be nice to have.
Perhaps one F-16 with one of the special liveries as a premium too?

The Swedish nation should be turned into “Nordic” and so we can have some Danish ones as well. maybe as a folder. Unless there is big differences between them.

This could be one of the premium F-16

The f-16 has recieved various upgrades, so can both be tt, prem and event verisons :)

A nordic tree is an option, but a Norwegian, Danish & Icelandic tree is an option as well. Due to there still being lots of vehicles of sweden and finland yet to be added, that would be a option to consiser regarding space and grind and various other points

There are many possible skins, even more than those i mentioned in the post

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I’m sorry but that is the worst livery we ever had in my opinion. This is far greater

Also, Norway should get priority over Danmark in my opinion, since we actually had interesting modifications on our stuff.

Norwegian F-16 would be incredible in the Swedish tech tree. Lets hope it happens


This doesn’t need to be added nothing as its not unique brings nothing new to the table

Well, this does as a matter of fact bring so ething new, take a loon at the F16a block 15 ocu and block 20 mlu :)

Going to update this cwrtain post soon


if this uses different a2a missiles Than what other f-16s in game use then I take back what I said

-A “digital electronic engine control (DEEC)”.
-A bigger “head-up display (HUD)”, built by Marconi in the UK.
-A ring-laser gyro inertial navigation system (INS).
-Some structural reinforcement, plus wiring to support future avionics updates and the AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range AAM (AMRAAM), then in development.
-Identification light on the left side of the nose.
-Drag Chute
-AGM-119A Mk. 3 Kongsberg Penguin anti ship missiles

-HMD - Helmet Mounted Display
-Greenish and a bit Purple Cockpitglass Tint
-IRIS-T missile
-Amraam missiles
-Guided Bombs
-Sniper Pod
-Drag Chute
-Penguin anti ship missile

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Theres some of the modifications, some changes to armament as well, among other things iris-t a2a missiles, pe guin asw etc

This suggestin is intended the older upgrades of the f16, and these two are the two latest and bigger upgrades made on them

It is one of the only F-16’s that carried the IRIS-T and it was the only F-16 that carried the Norwegian produced AGM-119A Penguin ASM.

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