RN San Giorgio (1910).

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RN San Giorgio (1910).

The San Giorgio was an armored cruiser of the Regia Marina. The ship was designed as an improvement of the old Pisa Class armored cruisers, as part of the expansion of the Royal Navy’s fleet in view of a possible new conflict. The ship’s hull was launched on 27 July 1908, and on 4 March 1911 the ship was included in the ranks of the Royal Navy. As soon as it entered service, the ship was modern and heavily armoured, and had a very competitive armament for foreign ships of the same class. Shortly after delivery to the Royal Navy, on 12 August 1911, the ship suffered its first grounding, and was put back into operational condition just before the end of the Italian-Ottoman war and despite little service, the ship satisfied the high command. In 1913 the ship ran aground again but suffered less damage than the first grounding. Upon Italy’s entry into the Great War the ship participated in various naval operations against the Austro-Hungarian navy and was also modernized in 1917. Over time the ship continued to be used, and ended its service with glory in 1941, when it was scuttled due to serious damage it had suffered.
The ship’s motto at launch was “Tutor et ultor”.

Armaments and propulsion.

When the San Giorgio was launched, it was armed with 4 254/45 A. Mod. 1907 guns in two twin towers, 8 190/45 A Mod. 1908 guns in four electrically operated twin towers, 18 single QF 12- guns pounder 12 cwt naval gun (not to be confused with its derivative, the 76/40 Mod. 1916 R.M.), 2 single 47/40 rapid-fire Hotchkiss-derived cannons, two 6.5 caliber Colt Model 1915 machine guns and 3 450 torpedo tubes mm.
The ship’s engine system consisted of 2 triple expansion vertical reciprocating engines powered by 14 mixed combustion Blechynden type boilers with a total maximum power of 18,000 HP on two axles, which allowed the vessel a speed of 23 knots.



Crew: 699
Maximum displacement: 11,300 tons
Length: 139 m
Width: 21 m
Draft: 6,858 m
Engine system: 14 boilers and two alternative vertical triple expansion engines with a power of 18,000 HP
Maximum speed: 23.2 knots
Armament: 4x 254/45 A. Mod. 1907, 8x 190/45 A Mod. 1908, 18x single QF 12- guns pounder 12 cwt, 2 single 47/40 rapid-fire, 2x 6.5 caliber Colt Model 1915 and 3x 450 mm torpedoes
Belt armor: 200 mm
Turret armor: 160–200 mm
Bridge armor: 50 mm
Conning tower armor: 254 mm

Pictures and drawnings.





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We should have WW1 era ships in game, they are so different from WW2 layout.

This is quite cool one as both San Giorgio and Pisa class were excellent armoured

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