RN Carrozziere should be moved to Rank II and its BR lowered to 4.0

RN Carrozziere has less firepower than the French Chacal, but stands at a higher BR, developers need to correct this error, everyone in the community thinks that RN Carrozziere should stand at BR 4.0.

everyone or just a loud minority?

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Both the RN Corraziere and the Chacal are not really that great, but at least the RN Corraziere has way better aa defense to deal with planes and coastal boats, that’s maybe the reason for it it be at 4.3.

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Actually every Italian rank III destroyer, except postwar Geniere, should be 0.3 lower. They all have very slow reload rate compared to other destroyers of that tier and awful survivability, with a spam of American bots destroyers, they are completely out of meta and serve only as targets.


There was already talk in the old forum of lowering the BR of these ships, along with others as the developers simply went too far in raising the BR with Italy.
Anyone who has tried playing with Italy knows that it’s like playing in hard mode.

Let me give you an example to show you that your reasoning is wrong.

If you think so, then explain to me why Duguay-trouin (French ship) has more powerful guns and better anti-air defence, but stands at BR 4.7, while RN R. montecuccoli stands at BR 5.0.
As you can see, there are Italian ships that are simply too high in BR, and they should lower them.