RN Bolzano: The Last Stand

RN Bolzano was the last and most advanced heavy cruiser built for the Regia Marina before the outbreak of WWII. Combining aspects of both the Trento and Zara-class which precede it, this heavy cruiser has now bolstered the Italian heavy cruiser lineup in the Alpha Strike major update!

RN Bolzano: A Heavy Cruiser for Italy at Rank IV


  • Superb firepower!
  • Excellent mobility.
  • Mediocre protection.
  • Scout plane included!

Vehicle History

Bolzano was ordered in the late 1920s as part of a larger Italian naval rearmament program. Unlike the Trento and Zara classes however, Bolzano represented a one-off construction combining design aspects of both the older Trento as well as the more advanced Zara class. After its commissioning in 1933, Bolzano had a rather uneventful initial interwar service. Throughout World War II however, Bolzano played a significant role in various naval engagements, including the Battle of Calabria and the Battle of Cape Spartivento. During these engagements, Bolzano’s design proved its worth after surviving deadly torpedo attacks on several occasions. In 1943 however, with Italy’s surrender looming and the threat of German occupation imminent, Bolzano was scuttled by her own crew in the port of La Spezia to prevent her capture.

Meet RN Bolzano!

RN Bolzano was released in the Alpha Strike major update earlier last week! Representing the last heavy cruiser built for the Italian navy, this ship continues the design legacies of the Trento and Zara class cruisers, while offering a blend of the most prominent features found on both ship classes. Let’s dive in.

An aspect clearly inherited from the more advanced Zara class of ships is seen in RN Bolzano’s armament. Fitted with eight 8’’ (203/53 mm) cannons, this ship can effectively engage nearly all but the most heavily armored opponents on the seas with high confidence of winning the engagement. Additionally, RN Bolzano’s secondary and tertiary guns consisting of 100 mm, 37 mm and 13 mm machine guns also aid the ship in countering attacks from smaller vessels and aircraft.

Download Wallpaper:

Interesting: RN Bolzano can be considered a lucky ship since she survived two torpedo attacks between 1941-1942, both of which caused severe damage, but not enough to outright sink her.

Contrary to the armament, RN Bolzano’s protection is better compared to that of the Trento-class cruisers. Featuring a main belt of only 70 mm in thickness and 100 mm strong barbettes and conning tower, RN Bolzano can’t exactly withstand damages incurred from an intense firefight or from large-caliber shells. On the other hand, the modest protection does keep this ship’s displacement relatively low for this class of warship, resulting in attaining top speeds of up to 68 km/h and making it one of the fastest cruisers in the game!

RN Bolzano was added earlier last week when the Alpha Strike major update was released, where you’re able to research her right now in the Italian Bluewater fleet tree. That ends today’s blog. Until next time, calm seas and fun matches ahead!


Bit late for it don’t you think?


The best thing added to Italy this update, at least the most unique one, already have it btw)


Better later than never…
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Sorry, bit late… traffic was a nightmare…

Edit: I do like the diving springboards off the sides though… Part warship, part cruise ship…

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Not as late as the repair function working for the 20 people playing naval XD


Maybe have Naval be worth playing with a half decent progression system and balance and your hard (outsourced) work wouldn’t go to waste by having 2 people ever unlocking this ship.


Sweet that the Italian Navy is getting a new cruiser; between the air force increase with Hungary and various new Marinia ships, it more than makes up for the mediocrity of the Italian steel cavalry. Viv Italia!

is it just me or the last two pictures just the same?

Bit late for this news, already researched and spaded it, good ship though.

That’ll explain why naval seemed very very light this update, because they havent finished the devblogs for the last update yet