RN 94 OWS-25R

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Brief Summary
In the mid 1990’s a new wheeled vehicle developed by Romania and later also tested in Turkey resulted in a 6x6 wheeled APC vehicle that although wouldn’t prove to be a successful design for the market would be responsible for Turkey’s later APC cars, the RN 94 OWS-25R is one of the variants of what weapons systems could be fitted to the chassis with this being one of the Romanian variants.



The RN-94’s first prototype was developed and produced by Nurol Machinery in late 1995, a further three prototypes would be built between 1995-1996 with 2 being produced in Romania and the last being produced in Turkey who would eventually develop the Nurol Ejder from the experiences gained from the RN 94 prototype that had tested a decade earlier.

RN-94 during a Demonstration at Mihai Bravu

The Romanians developed this vehicle mainly as an export market vehicle giving in a couple options of what it could mount. This is mainly due to the fact Romania already had a fleet of TAB 8x8 wheeled vehicles in storage as well as a 4x4 wheeled vehicle the TAB 79.

Like the previous TAB APC’s of Romania the RN 94 was amphibious with a 10km/h max speed in water and armoured enough to stop small arms fire, the vehicles top speed is between 95-100km/h with most sources stating 95km/h however Roarm’s datasheet states 100km/h, this speed is powered by an 275hp Cummins 4 stroke turbo diesel engine with the vehicles weight being 12800kg giving a power to weight ratio of 21.48hp/ton. The length of the vehicle is 6.8m (6.785m), the width 2.9m (2.850m) and the height without the turret is 2.3m (2.34m) tall.


Like the B33 Zimbru the RN-94 would be later fitted with the OWS-25R turret to try and sell it to anyone but like it’s 8x8 sibling there was little interest in the vehicle and it would remain a prototype. the OWS turret allows the vehicle to be equipped with Malyutka, Malyutka M2T or Spike missiles as well as a 25mm Oerlikon cannon or the option of a 30mm Mauser Mk 30 and the addition of a 7.62mm mg improving the APC’s firepower a lot compared to the 12.7mm it would have in it’s main apc configuration, the profile of the vehicle would be much higher than with the 12.7mm mg turret due to the size of the unmanned OWS turret which usually adds about 60-70cm onto other vehicles heights from their original turrets.

Turkey would also develop their own 25mm RN 94 prooving that both Romania and Turkey had similar ideas on improving the firepower of the APC but like the Romanian one it too was not succesful.
Overall the only buyer of the RN-94 came from Bagladesh who bought an armoured ambulance variant which the estimates are about 9 of them overall being purchased.


Dimensions (L-W-H): 6.79m x 2.85m x 2.34m (hull height) (22’3’’ x 9’4’’ x 7’7’’ ft)

Total Weight: 12.8 tons

Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver) (overall 10-11 crew in this apc)

Propulsion: Cummins, 4 stroke, 275hp Turbo diesel engine (2300rpm)

Transmission: N/A

clearance: 0.450

Power to Weight Ratio: 21.48hp/ton

Suspension: 6x6

Top Speed: 95-100km/h (59-62 mph) (10km/h amphibious (6.2mph))

Main Armament: 25mm Oerlikon KBA (200 rounds) or 30mm Mauser MK30

Vertical Guidance: -11°/60°

Secondary Armament: 1x 7.62mm (250 rounds)
2x Maliutka M2T or Spikes or 9K11 Malyutka atgms
6x 81mm smoke grenade launcher (optional)

Stabiliser: N/A

Laser Rangefinder Yes

Thermals N/A

Armour: all around protection against 7.62mm’s

Production: 1



Since pretty much all of Romanias IFVs which can be added to WT have the Israeli overhead turret, I personally think they should add the version with the Nexter Systems Dragar turret

This could fit in the Italian tech tree, since we already have Romanian vehicles to fill in.