RIP 7+ year acc banned

Im coping rn fr fr

7+ year on war thunder only to see this bs


You guys are going to need jackets.
Standard question:
Did you use Cloudflare WARP or any VPN or other network optimizing software?

i think a lot of people got wrongfully banned

No, i dont use vpn or WARP to play games

does TMAC count

Same, i also got randomly banned, i usually only play on the weekends and today decided to play for a bit before going to work and was surprised that i got banned.

Haven’t used a VPN in a long time.

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Yeah very much. I’m sure EAC looks at your MAC address.

man i really hope i can get my account back ive poured so many hours into that acc

I hope so too.

Hope it will teach you to not use cheats.
No one on forum can help you with your ban. If you have questions on it, please send a ticket to support.