Ridiculous, the error of the model of the ZTZ96 series

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From the time the ztz96 series was first updated in WT, there have been many reports of bugs in its models.
One of the most notable mistakes was that the turret’s seat ring size was too small.
This led to a serious consequence: the crew’s head was attached to the top, their throat was facing the scope, and they could not be protected by armor.
After the player’s unremitting efforts to eliminate Gaijin’s mistakes, Gaijin never admitted that their model was wrong, but moved the member group downwards.But this did not solve the problem, because the model of the crew was stuck, could no longer go down, and now the mouth was facing the scope, and they were still not protected, and the T72 series of similar structures did not have any problems.(Image 1-3: ZTZ96, Image 4: T72 )


This ridiculous situation has been maintained until now, and Chinese vehicles have been treated unfairly for a long time, and it is difficult to solve the problem. Yes, the problem is not always unsolvable, but it is always very difficult.
Now, with the new version detailing the autoloader model, the problem is even more obvious.
The ZTZ96 series turret seat is significantly smaller than the automatic loader, may I ask, how does gaijin explain how the automatic loader is put in if the model is not wrong?(Image 5-6: ZTZ96, Image 7: T72 ,Image 8: T80)


As we all know, the ZTZ96 series uses the same automatic loader as the T72 series, and in the face of such an obvious mistake, how long will gaijin arrogantly refuse to admit the mistake?

Please support me to fix this ridiculously glaring error and help Chinese vehicles be treated fairly.
Errors in the ZTZ96 series of models // Gaijin.net // Issues

And the unusually strong, giant crew as wide as the bolt.Compared with the T72 series, the difference is so obvious.
laughing to death

The autoloader doesn’t even fit inside of the turret ring.