RG41 (TRT-30)

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During 2008 South African Defence Firm Land Systems OMC started the RG41 project to meet the increasing demand for a mine protected vehicles in the modern combat environment. The RG41 is an 8x8 mine resistant infantry fighting vehicle, able to be equip a variety of different turrets. Other RG41 variants included an infantry section vehicle, a command vehicle, an ambulance, recovery vehicle and engineer vehicle. During 2010 BAE Land Systems OMC (at the time part of BAE) would unveil RG41 for the first time at the Eurosatory Defence expo in France. After the initial reveal the RG41 would continue to make multiple appearances at the African Aerospace & Defence expo (AAD) and at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX). The RG41 project now part of Denel has been fitted with a variety of turrets over the years, at the time of writing this, it includes the TRT-25, TRT-30, LCT-30 and the RCG30 turret. For this forum post we will be focusing on the RG41 fitted with the TRT-30 turret at 2012 AAD. The TRT-30 (Tactical Remote Turret) featured a dual feed 30mm 2A42 cannon as its primary weapon and a 7.62mm MG as the secondary. The turret also featured a stabilised thermal imaging sight laser range finder and smoke grenades.




Main Armament: one 30mm 2A42 (400 rounds)

Secondary: one 7.62mm MG (1000 rounds)

Elevation: -15ΒΊ to +55ΒΊ

Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, commander, loader)

Weight: 19,1t

Engine: Deutz 2015TCD V6

Horsepower: 530hp (390kW)

Gearbox: Denel ZF5HP902 gearbox

Top Speed: 100 km/h

Thermal/Night sight: Yes

Smoke grenades: Yes



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Secondary Sources:

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