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The RG32 is family of 4x4 light armoured vehicles designed and manufactured by BAE Land Systems South Africa since the early 2000’s, and later formed part of the South African Defence Firm Denel. The RG32M is based on the RG31 and features an all-steel, V-shape hull which provides ample protection to the crew, the engine and its components from small arms fire, grenade, anti-personnel mines, and land-mine detonations. The RG32M has a variety military application, such as scouting, patrol and command. For this forum post we will be focusing on the RG32M equid with the ALRRT-4M turret (Armed, Long-Range, Reconnaissance Turret). The ALRRT-4M is a stabilised reconnaissance turret with the capability to carry four ZT3 ATGM launchers or two ZT3 ATGM launchers and a 7.62mm machine gun. The turrets also allow for fire on the move and features full day and night capabilities coupled to automatic target tracking.




Main armament: ZT3A2 Ingwe ATGM Launcher

Ammo: seven ZT3A2 ATGM’s

Secondary armament: one 7.62mm MG (Optional)

Elevation angels: -10, +25

Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, commander, loader)

Weight: 9,9t

Engine: MakeSteyr M16TCA turbocharged intercooled

Horsepower: 180hp (135kW)

Gearbox: Allison S1000 (5-speed automatic)

Top Speed: 110 km/h

Thermal/Night sight: Yes


Primary sources

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Denel ALRRT-4M Ingwe: ALRRT-4M Ingwe | Denel Dynamics

Secondary Sources:

Surviving the Ride written by Steve Camp and Helmoed Romer Heitman (page 289-299)

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DefenceWeb (Hi-tech missile turret on show): https://www.defenceweb.co.za/land/land-land/hi-tech-missile-turret-on-show/




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