Reworking the current War Bonds Crates

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The War Bonds Crates in this suggestion is the one offering random talisman.

Current situation
Since the introduction of the War Bonds in 2020 and particularly in 2021 with the season 2, the crates didn’t change despite the big changes: tier VI/VIII, reduced BR, etc.
This suggestion aim to “update” the current War Bonds Crates. As I was told, this suggestion can only change the current one, another suggestion will be made to add new crates.

The current War Bonds crates are unlocked with these three cumulatives conditions:

  • War Bonds rank (IV-V-VI)
  • Special Task Medals (STM) obtained
  • War Bonds currency : 3 600 maximum

There are three available crates:

  • IV - 12 STM - 2 200 WB

    • Bluewater I-II
    • Coastal I-II
    • Tank I-III
    • Air I-II
  • V - 20 STM - 2 800 WB

    • Bluewater III
    • Coastal III
    • Tank IV
    • Air IV
  • VI - 40 STM - 3 200 WB

    • Tank V
    • Air V


  1. III - 6 STM - 1 200 WB

    • Bluewater I
    • Coastal I
    • Tank I
    • Air I
  2. IV - 12 STM - 2 000 WB

    • Bluewater I-II
    • Coastal I-II
    • Tank II-III
    • Air II-III
  3. V - 20 STM - 2 800 WB

    • Bluewater II-III
    • Coastal II-III
    • Tank IV-V
    • Air IV-V


  1. This new reward will allow new players, whether on WT or as starting a new nation, getting their first talisman. This is a special crate with a reduce price to let those new player getting their first “big” reward in the war bonds
  2. Given that tier I-II are low tier, the price is reduced letting players getting it more easily. The WB price is at 2 000 so this would let players getting another rewards (decal for ex.) and not “burn” their WB on this one. The tier I-II for Naval is intended as a way to increase the odd given the fact Naval has fewer vehicles.
  3. III/IV/V is now mid-tier given the new top tier (VI/VII/VIII). Thus this crate, like the previous, has a reduced price making it easier to get it. As previously stated Naval is smaller and thus have overlapping tier with the previous crate.

I need to stress again that this is only a rework on the current crates, I will also make another suggestion to add new crates that will complete this suggestion.
They are however both independent, one can be implemented without another one.

and also make it easier to unlock special tasks