Rework of the MiG-29 9.12A,B,G and 9.13

It’s no secret the MiG-29G and SMT are the worst 12.7s currently, with low countermeasures count, poor flight performance, and limited armament. With the SMT to receive R-77s in the next update, this will leave the G uniquely disadvantaged.
Similarly, the 12.0 MiG-29s are pretty disadvantaged compared to the F-16 ADFs of the same BR. These MiGs are further restricted by being forced into a BVR role when the airframe and avionics were built for dogfighting, all because of their missiles.
Finally, neither Germany nor Hungary ever operated R-27Es nor did their MiG-29s ever use R-60s.

So here is my suggestion:
Remove the R-27Es from the MiG-29G and lower the BR to 12.3 (or even 12.0, the MiG-29 is that bad. But 12.3 is a safe BR and should be uncontroversial).
Remove R-27ER from the 9.12A and B and add R-73E, bring to same BR as the G.
The Soviet MiG-29 9.13 is the only model that actually used the R-27ER. There could be an argument for it to keep it at a higher BR, but for balancing sake I’d give it the same loadout and BR as the other early Fulcrums.
Now this would mean two essentially identical vehicles in the German tree at the same BR. Simply foldering the MiG-29A and G would make this not an issue. Alternatively, one or the other could be made into a premium vehicle, especially as Germany doesn’t really have any other options for a top premium.

This would make for more realistic, accurate, and balanced MiG-29s.


The only reason the MiG-29 9.13 initially received the R-27ER was because the R-73 couldn’t be shipped out on time. And now you have a situation where the MiG-29’s primary dogfight missile that it was designed to use from the getgo is unavailable to the 9.12 and 9.13 for some reason. It would be a fair trade for the early MiG-29s to get the R-73 (or R-73E for the Germany or Hungary ones) in exchange for losing the R-27ER’s.


Support this

I hope gajin mod add R-73 & R-73E on MiG-29 (9-12A), MiG-29 (9-12B) & MiG-29 (9-13) and change max BR to 12.3 but remove R-27ER & R-27ER1/R-27ET1 from 4 MiG-29.

Gajin should be taken rework 4 MiG-29 from 3 countries this month


No thanks, 9-12G should stay as it is. 9-12A should have its R-27ER removed, given R-73, and moved to 12.3.

They did, it’s even listed in the flight manual

The weapons computer on the G was programmed to recognise the ER, so it had the technical capability to use it.

If we are talking about historical usage, then a whole bunch of armaments would need to be removed from existing aircraft. No SuperTEMP for Italian ADVs, No AIM-9Ms or Skyflash for Gripens, no AIM-7 for F-16Cs, no countermeasures for the F-104S, and so on.

12.3 would still lead to up-tiers every match, except now you would be even more fucked since you no longer have the R-27ER.

The R-73s are why the Mig-29G is 12.7, not because of the R-27Es.

No, the reason why Mig-29 9.13 initially got R-27ER is because it would’ve been made 11.7 in the next BR changes otherwise. It had nothing to do with R-73s.
Mig-29 9.12 and 9.13 going to 12.7 makes no sense.

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Now I could be wrong but I believe that’s an R-60MK and not a base R-60

Yes, I quite dislike the fictional armaments of the Gripens, it’s just laziness on Gaijin’s part to add copy-paste vehicles instead of more appropriate alternatives. However, it’s also a bit more reasonable as these are the top aircraft period so them being balanced is more important than purely historical.
AIM-7s should be removed from many F-16s soon with the addition of AMRAAMs, hopefully. However, the F-16s also are not in the position of the MiG-29s where these fictional armaments are used to justify a higher BR than reasonable, nor are they added instead of another missiles that was the primary armament of the aircraft. At least, so long as they receive their AMRAAMs in the case of the Italian and Chinese aircraft.

12.3 isn’t that frequently uptiered in my experience. You still benefit from the premium ridden black hole of 11.3, which will become more prevalent as more 12.0 premiums are added. Additionally, top tier will soon be 13.0 and I’d suspect decompression to 13.3 soon after, making uptiers even less common.