Revolutionizing Warfare: Overhauling War Thunder's Ballistic System for Unparalleled Realism

War Thunder already features a wide variety of vehicles, but it would be beneficial to join efforts to improve the ballistic system. It’s not uncommon to encounter situations where a shot doesn’t have the expected effect simply because the ammunition fails to penetrate something that should have been destroyed. Developers seem more focused on introducing new vehicles daily rather than addressing these fundamental issues in the game. This significantly compromises the player experience. For instance, I recently took a shot at an anti-aircraft unit that, with minimal armor, resulted in no damage. A ballistic analysis would reveal that the target should have been destroyed. I believe many players share this frustration. Therefore, it’s crucial for the game to be reviewed and enhanced in this regard.

More like its incredibly hard to get accurate penetration/perferation modeling without it being very computationally heavy.

Current system is mostly fine with edge cases offcourse posing problems. Its offcourse lacking, but not sure how it could be fixed without it being hopelessly expensive to do so.

Perhaps aproximation simulations are in the works, but its a rather specific problem to solve

The problem being you want a algorithm thats:

  1. Incredibly fast to run
  2. Can handle a wide range of geometries
  3. Can handle a wide range of material properties
  4. Is accurate
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