Revert MiG-23 MTI change

On the live server as of Seek and Destroy (and apparently the previous dev server, I guess I never took out the MiG-23 there) the MTI of the Sapfir-23 radar has been changed to automatic. This is a bad change. It means that in order to use MTI, you must be in a dive atop your opponent, thereby being completely exposed without multipathing for protection against enemy SARH missiles. Even a momentary nose-up above horizontal, even while the radar is still fully capable of seeing the ground, results in MTI disabling and often a lost lock. Combined with the recent flight model nerf as well as the MiG-23’s limited SARH missile carriage and poor IR missile selection and extremely limited RWR, this change has made the aircraft borderline useless and needs to be addressed in one way or another.


If its realistic then it wont be changed :(


Agreed! Also the 60x Large Countermeasures are not even there for some reason, it disappeared, and I am only forced to use the additional 12x Large Countermeasures. Warthunder please fix this :(

that part is a known bug and not an intentional change


Its realistic, MTI requires ground clutter to function. Oversimplified and probably somewhat inaccurately, MTI reads the strongest return from a pulse, filters out that frequency, and then shows you all the other returns. If there is no ground clutter to read the returns on, it will just filter out the enemy plane you’re actually trying to target.


Should be 100% accurate to real life wherever possible. If it’s wrong, submit a bug report.

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The fact that it even auto-switches for you might be a bug, but I’m not going to sift through some manual to figure that out (and I would rather not see a 10.3 MiG-23)


Honestly, that auto-swapping may or may not be accurate for the mig23. But they just need to add a setting for it. So the player can chose. The tornado F3 should have auto-swapping for the ACM mode (had it IRL) but it lost it in game because it doesn’t have an MPRF radar. Which sucks because I really liked having it

First they slaughtered F4S , now mig 23 ML.
What premium next, what people spend real money and you decide to nerf em.
also, having planes on 12.3 with Fox 3 is a joke.
But hey, since none of those planes are soviets nobody is making a noise about it…

Oh no the 9.7 Sea harrier with AMRAAM is really scary, I dont know how you will cope

So Yak-141 could get R77’s
Since it was supposed to have those, and it’s just a soviet harrier.

Super-sonic Harrier with better dogfight handling. Would be 12.7 I guess.

The Sapfir-23 has a 15 degree vertical fov, -6/+9. So MTI should work at least 6 degrees over the horizon. Currently any amount over the horizon turns it off. Plus, the Saphir-23 has a look-down mode where the beam is aimed something like 10-15 degrees downwards which was also removed with no apparent way to access it. Additionally, if the player has the “constant radar elevation” setting enabled, it is impossible for them to use MTI. Making the MiG-23ML(A/D) worse than an F-4E at 11.3.


My POV will always be if the plane in underpowered after a change for realism purpose then lower it’s BR.
Although I question if this will happen to Mig23s. They are still very decent.

Nah, just fine in 12.0.
It’s just an harrier copy with 4 missiles really scary, Or how did it go?

Sea Harrier FA2, 9.7 airframe, with 4-6 missiles (usually no gun) limited CMs and sub sonic

Yak-141 is supersonic aircraft with good handling, 4x AAMs and a good gun.

The Sea Harrier FA2 is more like giving 4x R-77s to the Yak-38. As it stands, FA2 probably needs to be 12.0

And suddenly it’s not so okay , if soviet counterpart gets fox 3’s in similiar br…
What an surprise.

You got the Su-27SM with 10x AAMs. I suppose we could always remove that if you are feeling that soviets got too much this update. it is 2-4 more AAMs than every other nation has

Yes, 6 x R77’s and 96 countermeasures.
Damn, what an beast.

Totally agree. I use the MIG-23 premium for grinding. I used MTI for 99% of the time and smoked every ascending enimy in sight. Now I am just praying they won’t use chaff when firing a R24R at them. Hope they will revert the change.