Returned to find my Account banned after years away

Hey there.

I’ve not played War Thunder for several years and I’ve just downloaded it again so I can join some friends who are playing now but it appears I cannot access my account due to a ban?!! At no point was I banned during my play time so it would appear someone else has been playing the account in my absence!

Back in the day I had invested a fair amount of time into the account and of course I would not like to loose that progress if I am to start playing again.

Can someone point me in the right direction to start a support ticket to re-instate my account please?

I’m a mature player and have never knowingly performed any action in game that would have given reason for a ban. I don’t even know why or when my account has been/was banned!

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Interestingly, I discovered multiple sign ins from Russia, Korea and sign in verifications on an Gaijin Android app… I’ve never owned or used an Android device!

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You’ll want to secure everything you have, even your email account and all. Even enable two factor authentication if you can.

You may want to take the time and do this for all your online accounts to be safe overall, because if you’'ve reused passwords or have used things like google credential logins and such, you may be at risk.

Cyber security and being vigilant are the key.

Hope you get some response from your ticket, and hope you get things sorted.

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contact support and make sure you can prove the account is your and you got hacked.