Return of The Ersatz M10?

Should the Ersatz get a return event for collectors? I think it should, would be a fun opportunity to see a special vehicle make a return. =)


yes please i would love to finally be able to grab it

Did it return for the tenth anniversary last year?

i havent seen it and its never been on the marketplace either

I want the Ersatz M10 REALLY BADLY. Please, please, pleaaassseeeeee give me a chance to get it. I’ve never seen it on the marketplace, but I have seen a camo for it on there, so I guess here’s to hoping. Gosh I want it so badly.

I don’t want Ersatz spam again, it was bad enough withot cupola to shoot.

If it didn’t return for the special tenth anniversary (with all the other hidden stuff E-100 etc…) why would it return now for the eleventh? It is rubbish anyways. No APCR, everyone shoots at your MG hatch/hole on the glacis, & it is missing smoke:

it doesn’t matter, if its not even that good, it shouldn’t be a problem to have it more available to the players, if you going to complain about Ersatz spam, you gotta say the same thing about the Premium store spam that happens or The recent TOG II spam, just saying, goes both ways.

A lot of vehicles should include the Ki-10 II C aka the “First helicopter in-game” or how about the Tandem Mai.

Or when the Maus came back for a few anniversary events where everyone pulled it out. With the occasional E-100 as well.

Oh, I agree that it should be made available to everyone and be a lot more common, but my issue is more with gaijin and its rubbish, neutered implementation of this vehicle in the game, combined with their lack of understanding of what a tenth anniversary should entail. Every hidden/rare/special vehicle in the game’s 10-year history (including the E-100) should have been brought back for a limited time/quantity for any average player to easily acquire. They dropped the ball bigtime last year, and as for this current year, being a less important milestone, it was as disappointingly mediocre as always


Pretty sure this comes around with the silver lion crates.