Return Of Removed German tanks for possible event!

It was two years, not 5.

also it wouldn’t make sense either because it removes motivation to grind that side of the Tech tree

For the Kranvagn, the hull is sitting in a museum right now. So not the most outlandish thing to add.

As for the O-I, whether it existed or not is still up for contention. Just one track link remains, though personally I don’t think it makes much sense to make just one track link and nothing else - you’d think they would make (most of) the hull first before that.

Over 2000, but semantics.

I am one of these people, and honestly will lose no sleep over vehicles that did not exist in at least a working prototype. This is the type of game currently represented and I see no need for blueprint vehicles at this moment in time.

It is impressive that, out of the over 2000 vehicles, they choose one of the 30 vehicles that are fake. They would be better served going to WoT at that point.

The “rarity” argument is the first I’ve heard of it. That certainly isn’t the reason. “Historically accurrate” isn’t a good argument either, since that can be used against prototypes and Sweden as a whole. I am for prototypes being added and there are significantly more vehicles that existed that can be added over vehicles that never were made.

The reason is because WoT is a slot machine. The very minimal amount of RNG in War Thunder makes it significantly more appealing than its competitor. All WoT has is creative liberty with tanks, most of them now being complete fabrications.

Bold of you to attempt to shut down my opinion by saying a “majority” wants something as if that somehow makes my opinion invalid. I also doubt the majority wants blueprint vehicles added, as far as I am aware it is devisive, not conclusive.

I’m not advocating anything new that was someone else I’m saying bringing the old stuff back and keeping it, second it was just a general statement, I agree that there has to be limits on fiction realism, but you have to relate to your audience, and I think a lot of people would be very happy about an event like this, when I said 3000 vehicles, its over 2000, so its within that margin, and it’ll be more in the next update

Around half a year ago we were at 2781 vehicles, so 3000 is realy close

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To bring in an often misused and abused quote, “The customer is always right, in matter of taste”. War Thunder advertises itself as a realistic wargame. That is the premise that draws people in. I do not agree with the opinion of adding blueprint/fictional vehicles as I do not see it as necessary given what War Thunder is. The removal of the old German tanks was warrented, as they were not necessary anymore and their portrayal is inaccurate. I do not see their removal as a loss in value to the game.

I’m getting old, apparently. I severely underestimated the C&P additions.

Technically they could get the Tiger II (P), wait nope they battle passed it, there goes hopes of heavy tanks, or the KV-1B and KV-1A.

Japan is just screwed though lmao

the Type 95 is sure to change the tide of japanese ground forces!

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the Maus got removed due to balancing issues the E-100 is available in either gaijin market or from tournaments panther 2 in its in game config never existed and never planned IRL the tiger 10.5 never existed IRL as the breech itself would not work with the turret also the Maus can still be obtained every year the Ho-Ri will probably remain till there are replacements just like with the R2Y2 in the Aviation tree

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The KV-1A or KV-1B can still go in the Swedish tech tree as far as I’m aware since they were operated by the Finnish as well (we have the rare event KV-1B tank already for Germany anyway)

And for Japan well, they didn’t produce much or if any significant heavy tank during WW2 so that is pretty much to be expected. Thailand will still probably help out for Japan, especially for their top-tier tank/air lineups.

O-I could maybe work, and its close enough to a prototype that I think it would be okay. Iirc one school has the track links of it or smth