Return of Event Vehicles, Such as Tandem Mai and Others

The discussion of Event Vehicles has always been an important one. Especially when it comes to the availability of them. Yes The marketplace does offer some but not all, The biggest problem that myself and thousands upon thousands of other players see, is that not everything is available to the players, Recently War Thunder’s main focus has been on implementing more and more Modern vehicles, however old event vehicles, Only some are available to obtain on the marketplace, but others are not purchasable, Such as the Tandem MAI, T55E1, Ersatz M10, and Several others, A lot of these rare event vehicles aren’t even that good for their BR, or rarely see the light of day, Why? because People would rather play a F-16C or a Mig-29SMT or if lucky a Sturmtiger, but most of the time premium vehicles for grinding, it’s been 11 years since the game came out, and even now with some of these vehicles, People will never get to play them because they are either listed with absurd prices, or just not available at all. So people view them as irrelevant, Look at the LA-174, that vehicle was exclusively rare when it came out! Now look at it now, it’s only around $60, why? because now it goes up against things with air-to-air missiles, when it was implemented before they were even in the game, but yet you have things like a E-100 or Is-7 that’s barely available for a whopping price of almost 2 grand. it’s understandable why their somewhat expensive, but they should not be listed higher than $600-$800. War Thunders player base has grown exponentially because it listened to the players feedback, but it can gain an even higher popularity if it continues to listen to the players, and one of those player requests is, Bring back the old event Vehicles, make some easy way for not only old players to get, but also new players to get and list them on the marketplace, Especially battle pass vehicles, ALL OF THEM. War Thunder is a game devoted to the players, and it needs to continue to listen to the players, what about Convertible RP? we have so much of it that we almost never use (except with GE) but still! we could use it for grinding out old vehicles! it would make so much sense. There must be something we can do, share your thoughts:

They should put a box crate back in the Warbonds store for 40 specials that gives you a random vehicle again. Make the rarer ones a lower drop chance, but give everyone a chance at 4 rare vehicles a year, now that we’re approaching 3,000 to choose from. Would bring down market prices gradually so everyone on PC could get some eventually.

Also, bring the SL loot crates back for every event, with a broad selection of vehicles (on a low drop chance as with the previous loot crates), both coupons (for PC) and direct drops into the account (for consoles).

Also vehicles that are in pulled store packs should be put in as GE premiums (unless they’re just terribly unbalanced now, like the early premium destroyers), within a few months of being pulled from the store, and Gaijin should make a commitment to that (it happens now for only some).

No vehicle should be impossible to get somehow, even if it’s incredibly hard, anymore, that’s really just self-defeating and I don’t believe the FOMO factor is as big a positive sales effect as Gaijin thinks on them.


We already had box crate but I was told that it had very very slim winning rare vehicle that cost too much to winning that sure unfair as Gaijin richer from gamble. I recommend that we should having plenty of mini-events like craft or earning points to earning some older event vehicles.

The odds were pretty terrible, yeah, but they were never going to be great. But even a tiny steady trickle of new coupons would bring down market prices so more people could buy things they want on PC.

Events of any complexity are always going to be focussed on the new stuff, because that’s where the profits are made. We haven’t really been short of events recently either, so I don’t think there’s much capacity there to draw from.

Something that could work is offer more “trade in” options during events, where you could exchange the vehicle you make or win for one of a selection of comparable older vehicles direct to the account instead. This could be something that would work for bringing back old battle pass vehicles specifically.

There is a saying among Chinese gamers that a game developer uses a golden bowl to beg, meaning that he doesn’t think the golden bowl in his hand is worth anything, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s hard to understand the fact that the event vehicles will never come back, isn’t this game welcoming newcomers or new young people to join? For a game that has been around for 10 years, the original players have gone from 20 to 30, but now they are 20 years old, and 10 years ago they were 10 years old, because they didn’t start playing the game when they were 10 years old, so they will lose these vehicles permanently…