Return Monthly Historical Decals + old ones

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War Thunder for quite some time now, has had an extremely wide range of historical decals added to the game in the currently discontinued “Monthly Historical Decal” events. These added much needed customisation to trees that have barely any decals (see China for the biggest example of this) but made them unnecessarily exclusive by making them unobtainable after the event had passed.

My suggestion is to bring back the Monthly Historical Decal events to give players more customisability, and allow all previously unlockable decals such as ones found in the events or ones like faction decals that came with certain packs back in the very early versions of the game to be purchased with GE.
That way, if you miss the event and don’t get the decal, you can always come back and purchase it. This creates additional revenue for Gaijin and gives EVERY player a fair chance at making the most of the in-game customisation.

Expanding customisation for minor factions especially, adding new decals, etc can only benefit this game and I can’t think of any reason why people would disagree.
Milestone decals, such as those that get categorised under “Special” in the decals menu, as they pertain to certain special occassions like Anniverseries, April Fools events, can all remain exclusive as a “you had to be there” kind of decal. But locking main, historical or non-special event decals adds nothing to the game besides exclusivity. Make them purchasable via GE the same as all other decals. These files are in the game and obviously take up space (albeit a small amount), but can only be used by those who played that particular month.

It would make more sense to allow everyone this fair shot at customisation.

In short: Bring back the historical decals event to add more customisation in the game. New historical decals each month, if you miss them though, they go into their respective nations’ category and can be purchased for 200 GE each, just like all other decals in game.

While at the same time, all previously ran decals from the old monthly decal events, get added to all players, to be purchasable with 200GE

That way, Gaijin’s artwork can be fully appreciated, the game size is being used as effective as possible, and all players feel like they have a fair chance to either earn them for free via grinding like last time, or can purchase them if missed.

Thank you!


I missed out on many old decals dating back to at least 2018 from present.
I really want re-runs so I can attain the ones I didn’t know were ran at the time.

Thank you for this suggestion, Legwolf.


Great suggestion! +1 without a doubt!


+1, wish I could get some of the old battle pass inscriptions & decorations, would happily pay GE for them