Results from survey (Dev server Thoughts?)

Hi all. Thank you so much for taking my survey. I’m going to share the results with everyone in this post since its been more than 24 hours since I posted it and it now has 107 responses.
I’m pasting all the images of charts in here. After some charts there’s a (Do you have any comments/suggestions?) part, some have a huge amount of responses, I will paste what people said in those responses. Remember it’s completely anonymous. And also if you put no or N/A I will not include it, These responses were OPTIONAL and I’m sorry if I did not make that clear but all they do is make it harder for me.

The F-15 breaks it’s wings too easily, handles like a boat, and it will be outclassed in BVR due to Su-27 having a ridiculously powerful armament of 6x R-27 + 4x R-73

Fox-3s need to be added to ALL nations to level the playing field, as every nation has a fox-3 capable aircraft

More Armor for the Abrams, M829A3 and move it up in BR, same with 2A7

Abrams need actual Armor, SEP does definetly not stand for “Same Exact Protection”

could finaly fix M1A2 armour or add M829E3

Better F-15 structural integrity

dont play it but M1A2sev2 seems a bit too weak

1986 f15c or equivalent

Fix armor on the tanks

The US is getting a pretty good line of veichles. Though, the F15 should probably be a C version.

Another top tier update ignoring anyone who isn’t top tier or like top tier. Terrible update.

Improve protection to the proper levels on the M1A1 AIM, M1A2 SEP, and M1A2 SEPv2. Fire certain staff in charge of the bug reports (TrickZZter is a prime example), give the M1A2 SEPv3 Gen 3 thermals like it has irl as well as give it M829A3. Give NATO tanks Spall liners, and nerf the T90M. It’s armor is ridiculous.

No AIM 120 makes an introduction of F-15 pointless. The title is called Air Superiority only for Russia

F-15A is fine just needs work on its flight model, the F-15C will most likely come alongside AMRAAMs soon, other nations needed the C variant because they have no alternative

i have to grind dev server to play vehicles i want to test :(

M1A2 SEP and M1A2 SEPv2 should get their upgraded armor. All high tier vehicles that have spall liners IRL should get them in game before anyone gets them (ie. the T-90M should not be the only tank with a spall liner). Also AMRAAMs would be a nice counter to the R-27ER spam. The AIM-7P and AIM-9M should at least be added to the F-14B.

Early AIM-120s and M829A3, along with Abrams LFP buff and cheeks as well. The point of new ranks are they are the cutting and leading edge of innovation and warfighting.

M1A2 is a Good addition. US getting the worse version of their own plane my main complaint. US should have exclusivity for one major path.

Stop bending to the will of Putin.

as a ground main iam dissapointed with sep v2(and v1) that didn’t get an upgraded armor as it should irl

US mains get too many aircraft and its unreasonable to expect them all to be meta, they should be happy they get anything at all

Mad italy doesn’t have anything yet

AIM-120A, The R-27ER is already faster and has more range.

F15 is shit

TrickZZter needs to go.

US winrate in top tier ground is abysmal already and the new abrams is not a good addition, and the new premium will only lower the winrate even more. As for air there is nothing that makes me even want to play the F15 so far, which is my favorite jet.

Nothing for Germany Air (except a shitty copy paste premium), Sweden gets Jas-39a when they should get the C variant, same with f15a for Americans, t90M is blatantly overpowered and unneeded as the BVM was already plenty strong for Russia, J-11 is missing the PL-8b/9 missile variants and didnt use the R73E as a primary missile, R27ER is still the most dominant missile in the game and the su-27 gets 6 of them at 12.3, VT4B is modeled incorrectly aswell as the M1A2 SEP v2

The F-15 is pretty underwhelming as well as the Sep v2

F15 is shit he need amraam

The M1A2 sep V2 is a disappointment, The F-15A is kind of cool but i don’t play air for america

Mid/incorrect armor for m1a2SEP. No new SPAA is sad.

Wish we also got fox 3’s this patch for all nations would have been more balanced. Add the AIM-7 that had data link if no fox 3’s

F-15 slaps despite what some players think. Easy 12.7

The M1A2 SEP V.2 needs either M829A3 or the T-90M needs it’s spall liner removed until all available tanks can receive theirs

Great vehicles implemented poorly.

Give the SEP and SEPv2 its upgraded armor, including its hull DU inserts. The SEPv2 should also receive M829A3. The F-15A should be replaced with the F-15C.

too many gaps in the lower tech trees, needs balancing

While I am satisfied with the vehicles, just not the way they’re configured in game. I mean ffs the LFP has no protection still and we’re pretty much in modern times.

I am happy, we’re getting the F15A and M1A2 SEP v2, but also dissatisfied, for lack of improvement over the SEP v2, with no update armour modules and a better round.

abrams seems like it will be underpowered considering the situation with its armour and possibly its ammo

Give Abrams DU Armor or M829A3/A4

Give America f15c, DU armor, and m829a3!!!

Aim 7p or Aim 9M/Hs could be a good way reduce the gap between nato and Russian bvr until the fox 3s are added, especially since the su27 has much better preformance over nato aircraft in the devesever at the time of writing. Also ground rb has been a mess for a little bit, but this update has just taken it over the edge with the strength and technological advantage of Russian tanks

Make hstv L strong
They are getting a 2A7, but they deserve something more.

Tank is good but plane, the question is, are we ready for EF 2000 ?

2A7 is the vehicle requested for a long time, maybe a little late but major concern is lack of anything else

The Leopard 2A7V is a very welcome addition. I just wish there was something for air. The only thing that can reasonably come right now is the F-4F ICE, but no AMRAAMs this update. It would also be nice to see the PUMA with Spikes, but we’re getting the Vilkas with Spikes so Gaijin has to justify that thing’s addition by not adding a PUMA with Spikes yet.

At this point we’ll have to wait for more news for Germany Air. 2a7 is a Good addition tho.

iam satisfied with 2a7v, and will be more satisfied if they fix the armor, mainly change the c tech base armor to d tech like irl

Italy shouldv’e got Leo 2a7 aswell for hungary

TrickZZter needs to go.

The new leopard should have gen 3 thermals and very strong armor which it does not. They should also go back and add the frontal armor package all the swedish tanks get to both 2a5’s and the 2a6 as well and then it will be okay.

2a7v gets no DM63/73, modeled incorrectly, still no f-4f Ice (without AMRAAM obviously)

Idk germany should get a f15/su27 equivalent tho

The 2a7v is basically just the strv 122.

No air but thats ok. 2a7V is powercreep AF as is all the new tanks except sep

make either more variety for low teir players or more nations

Needs better air but 2A7V promising

Give Leo Correct Armor

F4f ice should really be coming this update

Give more German bias to them
T-90M and Su-27 look like they are way too strong at the moment, and I hope that changes before live

Su-27 feels very strong on the dev server

I dont need to tell you whats wrong with the T90, you know already how broken it is

Why T90M tho?

T90M should have some counter…like munition

in current iteration t90m seems too op

cool jet op missiles

Fix armor on the tanks

Russia/USSR’s veichles are too strong as usual. Makes me feel like everything else is DOA (although it’s not, just way worse).


SU 27 will dominate after Mig 29 SMT dominated the server

Russia gets several vehicles, whilst some nations get one or none, typical

too powerful granted this entire update is too powerful

The Su-27 is a great addition, I just wish we would get AIM-120A/Bs to counter the R-27ER spam. Also the T-90M should not get its spall liner until every other MBT that has them IRL can have them in game.

Su-27 & T-90M seem like nice additions, even if I don’t really play Russia.

Stop being to the will of Putin

t90m have 0 spall when you shoot it? what kind of joke is it?

T-90 is alot better and su-27 is 13 years newer than f-15 so i guess that means they’re equal

TrickZZter needs to go.

Russia has been dominating top tier, period. New t90M getting added alongside these gimped NATO tanks is just going to continue the same theme. Also SU27 has so much ordinance, and the best missiles that it will be a seal clubbing fest at top tier air.

Hard to hate having the most overpowered vehicles in the game

T-90 is cool but reverse speed ruins it a bit, the su-27 is nice.

Su27 op asf

I dont like russia as a tree because it seems their equipment is always to spec on day 1 of the dev server while NATO mains have to cry and weep to get their equipment performing even half as well as it should

t-90 is cool but not really needed

I’m biased on this one I want the Su-27 and now that I’ve played it on the dev server I don’t want it to be taken away !!!BUT!!! I want the other nations jets to be able to be on the same level and have a fighting chance!

Cracked. T-90M is powercreep AF as is all other tanks except sep

the T-90M needs it’s spall liner removed until all available tanks can receive theirs

Su-27 is too OP as of current known information

Add r77

Nerf the effectiveness of the T-90M’s spall liner.

so many high not enough gaps filled

Very happy with T-90M. Not happy that it’s getting a liner while everyone else that’s had them for years gets the runaround again.


T90m is unbalanced considering the unfairly stingy protection of nato tanks

T90M is a nice addition only if other country get their armor values updated and other needed buff

Ukrainian T80? Maybe
None of the Challengers will be relevant until their armor is fixed

If the uk gets the grippen then they are fine

Will what will JAS39C bring on table

They should get less lmao

also dont play it but they need some ifv’s more than mbt’s

Fix armor on the tanks

They should not be getting the JAS 39 Gripen.

Chally 3 which is just a copy paste chally 2 with different ammo. Rediculous.

3(p) should be 2 LEP but other than that i just want some competent light tanks and more low-mid tier aircraft as we havent had any for over 2 years now

Ground is excellent, but i dont think the SAAF gripen should be ingame

The Challenger 3 (P) looks great, and I look forward to seeing the Gripen-C!

Buff the challenger 2’s engines

Challenger 3 is nice. The Gripen JAS 39C version for UK before Sweden is just wrong. AKA Gripen for UK should come next major patch.

a chally 2e with 120mm l55 seems interesting enough, but at the end of the day its still chally 2

Would have been nice to get a native aircraft, not a Commonwealth one but it is nice to have a meta jet for a change, first time in 4+ years that has happened. Though Sweden got royally screwed in the process

needed to do something about about new T-90M

AIM-120A, The R-27ER is already faster and has more range.

TrickZZter needs to go.

Gripen C should go to Sweden

Shouldnt get a better version of another nations addition (sweden)

The Challanger 3 “Prototype” is a very poor implimentation of what should be a more comprehensive overhaul of the tank. alongside this the double standard that has snubbed the UK out of the EAP but allowed the russians the Yak 141. is disappointing and being given a girppen as the slot filler. and a better one than the nation that uses them is also disapointing.

dm53 challenger is cool and the JAS39C will be a great help to air

Cf-188, mig-29k woulda been better than gripen. Chally powercreep AF as is all the other tanks

The challenger 3 seems worse on paper than some of the challenger 2s. I don’t play them though.

lots of vehicles can be added inc commonwealth

Where’s the upgraded Warriors or AJAX?

The challenger 2/3 is an embarrassment armor/mobility wise

Make them nearly invincible
Best F-15 and a SPH.

Same as US with F15

then need new mbt

Not really much to say, though an F2 wouln’t be too bad to see soon. And they CERTAINLY need stronger AA.

Possitive change for air

The F-15J is an awesome addition, I just wish they would get another SPAA or MBT as well.

Will have to wait for Ground Rank 8. Air again the same complaint, adding a better version for Japan than the US. Just wrong. AKA F-15J could wait till next major patch

AIM-120A, The R-27ER is already faster and has more range.

TrickZZter needs to go.

No rank 8 tank planned however the f15 with the AAM 3 is good, should go to America aswell, also should recieve the AIM-7P

Gaijin could have gave us 6 vehicles. Nope just 2.

The F-15J being better than the US F-15 is pretty dumb.

aam3 the GOAT the 10g monster will WIPE RAAAHHH 🦅🦅🦅

AAM-3 has been a long time coming and im glad japan is competitive now, but i wish the F-15J had the PW 220E engines

F-15J slaps, AAM-3 but broken but balanced at least

The f15 is great but the type 10 mobility needs to be looked at. Since they have no real armor having nerfed mobility is pretty rough. As far as I know the turret rotation could use a bit of a buff and so could acceleration.

Aam-3 🤑🤑🤑

f15c is a welcome addition, however ground as kinda been left behind like a lot of other nations this update

there is nothing in tank

I wish I could move the F15 more
China needs IFVs!

dont play, but they should get light tank

Getting a fair amount of content, what they should get. Though their plane might be to good, haven’t looked at it.

Excellent additions across the board

A new MBT and a Flanker? Nothing much to complain about!

Ground is a good addition. Air again could wait till next patch so that the domestic nation can have exclusivity of a vehicle during one major update. AKA J-11 could wait one major patch.

cool tank

TrickZZter needs to go.

Once again China sneaks by undetected with balanced and exciting vehicles. I wish it was the same for NATO, but of course thats why I play china.

J-11 doesnt receive correct missiles, still overpowered, VT4B is modeled incorrectly

i dont like china as a tech tree, they feel very copy-paste

J-11 is cracked. VT-4B is powercreep AF etc

Add chinese flanker

Vt4 needs better turret armor and why the hell is the zbd-04a not in game yet???

Type 15 make it happen
They haven’t added anything so far, would be nice to at least know if the Hungarian Tiger E is coming.

We don’t know what they’re getting

They are gonna get left behind (again)

I don’t play them, but currently they haven’t gotten anything on the dev server

Where are the Vehicles?

idk dont we dont know what are they going to get so neutral for now

give them better tanks

Italy is being left completley behind, they should be getting something more.

They need to get something, however they have had a lot this year

They are getting shafted by gaijin again

There are plenty of things that Italy can get, but we have to wait for them to be ready. They can get a Gripen and Leopard 2A7 from Hungary, and the Centauro II was also shown to be a possible addition.

We’ll have to wait and see. Can’t really comment at the time being as there is nothing to comment about…

Italy has 2 things that othernations got that italy can get Jas39C and Leo 2a7 and both are needed

TrickZZter needs to go.

Havent seen the italy stuff yet

not really much to add to this anyway

But lacking innit

I don’t touch italy at all but it’s just sad. At least up armor the ariete turret cheeks or something even if it isn’t realistic. And hopefully they get a gripen as well which I believe they can from one of the sub trees.

I was thinking it was going to be big and cool but it more or less a disappointment I don’t play battleships

I love my ariete cheeks getting penned by 3bm9 in some places
Honestly this isn’t a request, but the Leclerc Tropicalisé would be a good premium

Mirage 4000 armament is really bad

dont play france, but should get there ifv versoins, jaguar, vextra and vextra pole ss no


Yeah, Mirage 4000 seems cool.

Mirage 4K is amazing

The Mirage 4000 is great, but a new MBT or IFV would be nice.

Give the MICAs.

We’ll have to wait for a Ground Vehicle. In air the M4K seems like a nice and quirky addition.

it just needs 2x530Ds on the belly one behind the other, so before launch we should have either 8x Magic 2 + 2x530D 4x Magic 2 + 4x530D it also needs a big buff to its thrust at altitude, it should be able to get to mach 2 50k feet in 3mn45s, nowhere close to that atm

TrickZZter needs to go.

Glad to see Mirage 4k getting more of its missiles, however the lerclerc situation and their terrible armor and round need to get updated and improved

Mirage 4000 payload is incorrect

People wanted the mirage 4k and its here, even if it is kinda mid

Mirage 4000 is pretty cool.

m4k is too busted rn

mirage is cool but i dont play france

The 4K needs it’s large missile load out

Great addition

Mirage 4000 should not come with the 530F! Yak 141 got what it “could have” gotten, then it should be the same for Mirage 4000 with 530D and MICA in the future, or else it’ll be double-standard

Mirage 4000 loadout is pretty sad compared to what it should be and the leclercs could use some fixing armor wise.

With T90M addition,its clear that Leclercs are in dire need of buff/fixes such as armor , shell, and mobility

I’m happy
Weird how only the A variant is coming while Britain will receive the Gripen C

The Gripen C should have come to Sweden first, or at the same time as Britain’s

Sweden should also get the Gripen C

Nice addtions. My hopes are for better missiles next year

should get cv9040 mark iv (cv90 with spikes)

gripper but no c

Fix their planes.

Sweden is getting a lot, although they are missing the gripen C and the STRV 122b+ is completley unnesesary, and they should have gotten the STRV 123A instead. Would be way more compedetive instead of some big fat tank with barely no additional protection.

Sweden should get Gripen C too.

Again JAS 39C will probably come alongside AMRAAMs, uk is only getting it because its that or F-18 and that is not ready yet

Gripen and 122b+ are amazing additions

very exited for the gripen especially since i love sweden air and ground i find it fun

The Gripen-A is extremely good right now and the Strv 122B+ looks great. I do expect the Gripen-A to be nerfed in the near future though considering how much it is overperforming.

Give the Swedish the JAS39C (you already confirmed it so its ok)

I’m disappointed that sweden is getting a inferior version of their own aircraft than other countries

The 122B+ looks to be a nice addition. So does the Gripen JAS39A (with some interesting loadout choices as with many other planes in this patch). Again my reoccuring complaint. Sweden should get their own plane exclusively until next major patch to enjoy their own planes. There is always a reason we play different tech trees. Having “our” nations vehicles be added to other countries or just better versions does sting, especially the way Gaijin has handled this patch.

3 up armoured leopard 2 in 1 line up? hell yeah

Absolutely no reason why they dont get Gripen C. Nor do I understand what the delay was for with regard to the Gripen A

Needs Gripen C and AIM-120A, The R-27ER is already faster and has more range.

TrickZZter needs to go.

STRV 122B+ is modeled incorrectly, Sweden should receive Gripen C

Should get gripen c

Sweden should get the gripen c this update instead of first update of 2024, its also kind of insulting that UK gets the 39C before sweden.

See UK comment

overperforming piece of…

BUT it needs to be the “C”

JAS-39 is amazing, 122B+ is powercreep AF

The Gripen A should be replaced with the Gripen C.

Should’ve been C version but confirmed we’re getting the C next year.

Good but why no gripen c it makes literally no sense to not add it

Gripen A???

Good good top tier tank and maybe make the Swedish plane stronger than the South African one

Yeah, don’t really need too much more exept a better AA.

The F-15A is a great addition, I just wish Gaijin would stop artificially nerfing Israeli tanks, add more SPAA, and add IFVs.

Ground we’ll have to wait for. Air once again should’ve waited with the F-15 till next patch…

AIM-120A, The R-27ER is already faster and has more range.

TrickZZter needs to go.

does israel even exist lol

Baz is great, needs a bit better missiles

Can we get some vehicles like the Namer IFV or Eitan…or a SPIKE??? At least it’s getting a F-15

Good stuff

Would be cool if we could get some of the apc or ifv in the game

I had to grind the m113 tow for Italy, I don’t wanna do it again
Error 404: no armor found

Bad armor as all Challys have. But it gets DM53 with the Leo 2A7V Cannon

Fix armor on the tanks

I believe their previous MBT’s have been competitive.

It’s just a copy paste chally 2. Terrible addition.

The Black Knight and Challenger 2E were decent already, but the addition of a DM53-weilder with similar engine performance to the 2E (albeit slightly worse) is great to see. Definitely just need an IFV now.

Challenger 3 seems like a good and much needed addition. Happy They haven’t just given everyone a Leo or T-series tank. Some countries are undoubtedly going to have worse tanks/planes than others at some point (AKA having higher BR vehicles than other tech trees). We just have to accept that at some point.

The CR3 has inherreted all of the CR2s bugs and already a half dozen bug reports have been submitted, with many of the CR2 bug reports applying to the CR3 as well. The CR3 will be DOA without bug fixes like the CR2 currently is

TrickZZter needs to go.

Compared to the T90M it is not even close

The competitivity of the c3p is debatable

The Gun and engine upgrade are nice but purposely leaving out armour upgrades and refusing to allow for other challangers to receive the 1500hp engine upgrade is deplorable.

eh its alright its better than the challenger 2 TES and stuff but the 2E and BN are probably going to be just as useful as this one


It’s competitive but so is the Chally 2s!!

You need to give them good armour so that they don’t have to snipe only
As far as I understand, the 2a7 lacks some armor and could possibly use the DM73

the strv is in a good spot on the dev server, however the Leo is underperforming.

The Leo isnt even finished

many problems with 2a7

Fix armor on the tanks

STRV 122B+ is just unnesesary, though the 2A7 is perfect.

Should both have (slightly) better hull armour

Both are great. I look forward to seeing more Leopard 2s come to the game like the PSO-VT, 2A6EX, and 2A7+

raise the maximum BR for ground battles and decompress top tier

still need d tech for 2a7v

TrickZZter needs to go.

Armor is modeled incorrectly on the 2a7v

Both have a lot of problems with modeling and the spall liner issue


idk i havent fought them yet i only played 2 matches of ground

2a7 is not even close to being repersentitive of a final product. I would wait untill the 2ed dev server to make a judgement.


I think the additional composite doesn’t have its realistic protection values.

There is a lot of improvement that needs to be done on both tanks.

Very cool good and epic

It’s the dev, things are going to change ofc
It’s hilarious

stop with that copium its dev server

The t90m is strong but still has some weaknesses. the issue is the gap in capability between the t90m and NATO mbts

I hope this is subject to change. Just give other vehicles spall liners and remove Stock Heat FS, wouldnt be half as bad


Fix armor on the tanks

as usual :) russian bias

Spall liners are overperforming

Remove the spall liner until they are ready for all tanks that had them IRL.

Seems a tad strong yes. Not sure if OP or just strong

that zero spall thing is absurd

It is clear it was made to be OP, especially wiht it being one a few tanks with spall liner and most not even planned to get it anytime soon. On top of everything that already plagues soviet bias

i suggest you only keep the hard to kill part

i agree its OP but this is a very skewed question, try to keep it neutral champ

TrickZZter needs to go.

very WIP

I was able to take around 12-15 rounds from m1a2’s, a chally and a 2a5, what. the. fuck.

Quite literally the only tank currently having it spall liner moddeled on a already arguable Fake tank is more than enough russian dev copuim

from what ive heard yeah, and the ERA layout on the turret/mantlet is crazy from what i saw in protection analysis (i havent fought ANY of them yet)


Is fixed now

Once again, the T-90M needs it’s spall liner removed until all available tanks can receive theirs

If it’s added as is in the dev server than I agree but I’m hoping the “survivability” will be toned down to more or less bvm levels in the real update. The spall liners are bs though and should be removed or added to nato tanks. And I don’t mean the plates that create additional spall that are already modeled for some reason.

Nerf the spall liner.

The T90M is blatantly, the obedient of Russian Bias and Russian cope, with their loses in Ukraine, the whole tank is showing how gaijin treats Russia.


I think they went a little too far this update

To balance out you need Ukrainian tanks to balance it out

once again, dev server issues. If it remains like that on the Live server, then I’d be angry
It’s basically a copy-and-paste SEP with extra side ERA right now from what I’ve seen

Mainly M829A3 against T90M is needed and better frontal armor


The Abrahams series of tank is usually pretty bad in warthunder, they should get more penetration.

Arat is undetpowered

It won’t be terrible, but it won’t be amazing either. The SEPs need their armor upgrades but not because they will be absolutely terrible. They are decent vehicles on their own, but they could really use the armor they historically had.

The armour hopefully will be fixed for the live server. Better shells then again could be added for all new top-tier mbt’s.

will not be too terrible but still will help a lot if they give it its real armor and ammo

single sided argument

Wont be terrible but needs to be correctly modeled

stop nerfing america please gaijin, the blatant hate boner for america has gone on too long and im sick of it

Not the best but still good wtf bro be less biased

At the very least, it should receive M829A3 to at least differentiate it from the base SEP

I think either the hull needs to be fixed or the turret ring fixed. Both would be realistic but unbalanced for gameplay sake. Either the hull needs better armor to shrink the massive weak area on the front or the turret ring area needs to shatter incoming rounds which as far as I’m aware is what it should be doing and what it did do in game at one point. That way it could at least be played hull down the way most nato mbts were designed to fight and seem to be balanced for already in game just poorly. And that way it will still have a frontal weak spot that being the hull and then the mantlet same as all other mbts.

Fix all three.

YES, the Abrams is so terrible, even for myself as a US fan, they literally butchered the nation tanks and throw it in the trash. Only way to make it more of an improvement over the SEPV1 is the 2.5 Gen thermals, Improved armour module like TUSK 2 and Hull armour and M829A3.

I dont thinks its worse then what we currently have, but its a definite disappointment

M10 booker ?

For Gaijin SEP means (Same Exact Protection)
Needs 530d and it can carry double the missles it has now

NEEDS 530d to be 12.3

Nothing to add, fair.

Same here no FOX3 = useless

Banger airplane

It seems fine, might suffer once Fox-3s get added.

The flight model seems a bit whack. But I personally would not start ranting if a french plane was the strongest in some form. They (like some other minor nations) sure do suffer enough…

it just needs 2x530Ds on the belly one behind the other, so before launch we should have either 8x Magic 2 + 2x530D 4x Magic 2 + 4x530D it also needs a big buff to its thrust at altitude, it should be able to get to mach 2 50k feet in 3mn45s, nowhere close to that atm

TrickZZter needs to go.

Are some problems but is generally ok

move up with all the others to 12.7

literally havent died to one once, i play japan air

12.7, 530D

It cool
I don’t know much about the grippen c

The UK is getting one, why shouldn’t Sweden?

This or next Update

Just dont add the South african one till AMRAMMS and then give the Swedes the C to

If they suggest to added in march update i can wait a get used to A variant for now


Swedish mains are being screwed over. :(

No doubt

Same here no FOX3 = useless

They should get it but as stated above there is most likely a reason for it

Ffs gaijin please

They should get it yes, but there is no reason to shoehorn it in right now. When AMRAAMs come it should 100% be added with them.

If the UK gets it then YES, definitely. But according to me The JAS 39A should be added now and the JAS 39C could be added along with the UK/Italy export versions next major patch.

they should feel the pain of not getting the best of their equipment like germany had to

Again, sweden should get the gripen c this update instead of first update of 2024, its also kind of insulting that UK gets the 39C before sweden.

Sweden JAS39C will come with FOX3 i think

redundant, they’re getting it next patch anyway

i hate sweden but yea just as long as its not overperforming

Coming in later update

Not necessary to add an incomplete model when a complete one is available

Sweden specifically has been pretty screwed over in its air tree for a while now. First the ja37c came which made sense. It was a great aircraft that even dominated the game for a bit. Then aim 9 Ls were introduced and instead of adding them to the ja37c which it could carry, they added the ja37d instead. In game it is at least effectively identical to the previous ja37c except for the new missile. That’s over 300k rp for a better missile on the same plane. In this case the jas 39A would have been a good addition to the game if it was added with the f16C or even the f16A/ADF but with only its 9Ls instead of its already controversial 9Ms. Now its already overdue with no bvr capabilities and subpar dogfighting capabilities due to the lack of an HMD. Beyond the fact that it’s unfair that another nation gets a better variant of the home nations aircraft first there’s just no reason Sweden shouldn’t get the jas39c. All that needs to be done is copy paste the british one with a new skin then add amraams later which they did in the past with the mig29 and its R27ET. Then to appeal to their business model they can later on sell the jas39A as a premium or make it an event vehicle.

IMO yeah they should, it kinda feel unfair for them, while the UK get the SAAF JAS39C, while they are getting the JAS39A, Gaijin at this point should add it like they did with the F16A “debacle”

And make stronger than the South African one
I don’t think it should be nerfed, fox 3s need to be added to balance it

dev server moment everything will change radar is placeholder its performance is too


12.7 is proper for this type of plane

nah they just botched the f15 itll be fine when fox 3s come

Way too strong missiles for the ammount it has compared to everything else, would be fair if NATO planes got AIM120s.

nerf what ? its the missile it carrys

Move it up in BR. It should either have its R-27ERs removed (let it have 27R/Ts) or we should get early AMRAAMs now.

Many of the new planes should go up in BR. Not necessarily just the Su-27 (although it seems like the most complete package). They could of course do some decompression at the same time

R-27ER is OP, the only thing nerfing them was quantity, with that gone, this thing should never ever see 11.3s

i think they should go up to 13.0 aswell as f-15 but f-15 should get AIM-7MH

Unless the F-15 is buffed the SU-27 needs a nerf for balance

12.7 OR lose the 6 r-27er’s

All new top tier additions should be 12.7 at least

Br decompression needs to happen in general.
6 of the best SARH in game is crazy

The other changes I mentioned I think would even things out

Up in battle rating to at least 12.7 or maybe even 13.0

I don’t think either are a good idea. imo it just doesn’t really fit in game right now. At least if the aim7P was added with the f15 it would fit much better. That way it wouldn’t be best in bvr by such a wide margin and it would still be arguably better in a dogfight than anything else thanks to it r73 and hmd.

x6 R-27ERs is wild and outpaces all other aircraft currently.

Not really, the FM needs a revamp

Like seriously what the hell were they thinking giving any aircraft such an advantage over any other currently in or coming into the game

Up the BR

Bring it to 3.0

other planes should be brought up to its level
dev server moment

Wings snap off way too easily and has somewhat dissapointing weaponry

The Radar and wing are terrible

gaijin needs to unfuck the flight model and give it aim 7ps unless amraams come next update

It’s okay.

Just needs its flight model fixed

Its flight performance is great and the kit is decent compared to the F-16C. The issue is that its radar missiles are lacking compared to R-27ERs and it does not have HMDs.

It surely isn’t as strong as the Su-27 for instance. But at the end of the day some planes could be more adjusted in BR than others. The Su-27 is also a newer aircraft partly built to counter the F-15. Seems like they could’ve added the F-15 earlier now that we’re without AMRAAMS anyway.

US mains are going to have to learn how to use it properly. It does not need any buffs. Not every US jet must be meta.

Needs its FM changed, it’s not maneuverable enough, have good enough SARH to compete with the x6 R-27ER is carrying.

wings tear from my experience at around 10g’s going anything above mach 1.1

In dog fights yeah, it will be fine in air rb, it fits the meta really well tbh

rip strength + pull should likely be further adjusted but there’s nothing suggesting it’s deviating from the technical docs so /shrug. also it’s really based in duels

its pretty bad tbh, wrong thrust and pretty crap radar

It’s cracked, 12.7 and AIM-7P of MH

Replace it with F-15C.

There is a lot improvement to be made on the plane, like better Sparrows like MH7 and stock AIM9M’s

Wing over load is a little silly and they need new aim7s as explained in an earlier comment

Fragile and outclassed by the F16

It to slow to turn it give the opponent a huge advantage
hell no if f-15c comes newer su27 wuold come aswell

The F-15C should be added or the F-15A should be improved

Next Update

I think the C should be added with AIM120s so summer next year?

Yeah, defo.

Same here no FOX3 = useless

Should get it later, F-15C is not a necessary addition, they already have got 3 F16s and F14 in the last year alone

Speaks for itself

At some point yes. The current F-15A technically can get AIM-120A/Bs (it has the MSIP upgrade), which would make it balanced in my opinion. The F-15C could also get added but there isn’t much of a reason for it if the F-15A gets early AMRAAMs. The F-15C could wait to be added if they planned on putting better AMRAAMs and/or sidwinders on it (eg. AIM-120C-3/5/7s and AIM-9X-B1s).

Either now or rather the US getting the F-15A now and then getting the C variant next patch alongside the other countries getting their respective F-15’s

not untill next year mid update

F 15c should come with amraams, otherwise it would literally be a less maneuverable A

Same as Sweden JAS39C

it should get it at some point yes

yea but only when everyone gets AIM-120

Hell no, A is sufficient

The domestic tree should not receive the worst variant of the jet in the game.

Imo not really, but if they bring the F15C, the plane needs to have a better improvement over the current F15A in terms or Radar and weapons

Its probably not supper imperative if the 15a gets the full msip upgrade

F 15 f15 f15 but who’s to judge from plane to plane to were they go

Japan got a better F-15C, so why th would they not give it to the US?


This was extremely interesting to partake in, and even more interestingly, you listed (what seems like) all of the comments. Some of these results are kind of expected, but some are blowouts like “The T-90M is too hard to kill” having 50% of a strongly agree vote, and “Sweden should get the JAS 39C” having more than half of the entire vote being strongly agree. It just goes to show players do believe that “russian bias” exists no matter how much the devs say it doesn’t exist, and the Gripen poll goes to show that people are apparently very against lesser models of vehicle being given to the country of origin while better variants go to export countries. Something is gonna have to change if Gaijin doesn’t want another fiasco on their hands like with the boycott debacle.

Thanks for doing these polls. I don’t know if it’s possible, but if you do another poll, make it more than only 24 hours. Not a big enough sample size, but this one gave a general jist of player sentiment


I will keep the survey open. Dev Server Thoughts?
I will submit another batch of results if I get more than maybe 1000 responses.
I think something needs to change. I really do which is exactly why I made this survey.
Feel free to share this with friends and fellow sigmas.

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cool to see the Sweds crying about the grippen but didn’t seem to care when they have the best leopards in the game

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Maybe do it every 100 responses? Plus with how much dev server can change (T90M armour fix) change some quesitons around too. Good work though, happy to see to comulative outrage over the JAS39C and T90M.


Please take the data and show relative average satisfaction scores for each nation. On a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) what was the average score for each nation? Ignore all N/A responses.

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At least germany has had a competitive top tier air at some point in its lifespan, but boo hoo another techtree has a slightly better (domestically produced and with the l44) leopard 2.
But its to much for the swedes to get a functioning, equal to similar aircraft end line vehicle

well the Grippen C wont really be any better than the A because of what missiles are available in game

It has an hmd, missile approach warning system, two extra missile hardpoints, look down shoot down capability for its radar missiles, and a 10% engine power increase

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