Responding to issues regarding dev server reports & an update on spall lining armor from the developers

Did you read what i wrote.Im not saying that it should be only on RU applied,but to all vehicles…

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@Stona_WT While we are on the subject of miscommunication and bug reports, gaijin and by extension the player base have a serious problem with how the bug reports are working.

I will use the recent example of the stormer hvm. Approximately 5 months ago, the stormer hvm was broken in a patch. It had multiple issues prior to this, but it fundamentally broken where it couldn’t hit anything which was slightly moving, the missiles just phased through the target.

This bug left the brits with no effective spaa from 8.3 to 11.something when the adats comes in. Bugs reports were made, then nothing. For 5 months.

Now, I don’t know if you’re @Gunjob boss or not, but bless him he saw the screaming and it’s finally getting fixed, but Christ alive it shouldn’t have taken 5 months.

In those 5 months, the bugs just sat as “acknowledged”.

I will be clear, this is unacceptable and a failure of the triaging and bug reporting system that such an issue was allowed to remain for 5+ months.

Communication about significant bugs to the player base needs to be improved. It took a shit storm of a thread on the machinery of war forum for this issue to be addressed when people finally got pissed off enough about it.

In these circumstances, it’s not surprising incidents like yesterday happen. It’s not acceptable in any way, but it’s not surprising as it’s common for vehicles to be simply left in a broken state for years with no communication about them when they leave the dev server.

So, in conclusion, there needs to be a better way for the community to raise these issues rather than simply being ignored.


yea and did YOU see what i wrote? all vehicles that can carry arh should carry them

Its the British Preliminary Report and Panzer Tracts.

Also, this is a game, you are a bit overstepping here, tho even 10°/sec for the Pz III would be a miracle in game.

And once again, soley the statement that the rest have 14°/sec so the earlyer ones should also have it, cince they have the same system, like the Tetrach recived still stands.

But this is simply untrue, sometimes they act exactly like gatekeepers, perhaps unknowingly.

Like this bugreport about the launcher issue submitted 8 months ago. 4 months later @KnightoftheAbyss simply closed it without requesting any additional info or even checking if the issue still exist (it still exist to this day!), even thought report contained all steps to reproduce and even code to fix the launcher. Further commenting was also closed, report hidden, no tag label given.
When I tried to reach mod through PM I have not received a reply. When I reached him on Steam community, my post with question simply disappeared.

Does it look like comfortable platform with clear communication for players to submit their bug reports? I don’t think so.

It is understandable that mods have to deal with a ton of irrelevant “not a bug, support ticket” junk reports, but it really feels like majority of reports are simply drowned and untouched, and some other shot down without even reading and usually lost (unless reporter is annoyingly persistent).


The fact they fixed weight values but have done NOTHING to fix the missing armour is very sad. The Arietes need some love in the game. Hopefully before the update drops something may be able to be changed.


Ah yes, pay-for-convenience. Implying the game in its natural state is inconvenient. I guess that could make for a good justification for botting now that I think about it. If the developer’s goal is to achieve just the right amount of inconvenience to pressure you to pay IRL money for an “easier” rate of progression, I could see why players will attempt to find tools to minimize their levels of inconvenience.

And since the gaming industry is seen more of an investment strategy these days than say a collection of passionate projects, creating an in-game economy that is more anti-consumer than not is…par for the course and justifiable.

This, and I mean their response, seems more like a cover than an explanation of why what happened or didn’t happen became an issue. I’m sure we will disagree here and that’s fine, but I don’t necessarily buy this. Considering Gaijin doesn’t have a stellar track record for transparency, I’m not exactly buying the idea that you are just now realizing the system you’ve relied on for eleven years now isn’t accurately tracking issues. I don’t think you need to be a developer to see that. A basic understanding of quality assurance seems more than enough. The system you use to track issues isn’t able to properly identify and sort new, old, and duplicate issues? Maybe 15 or 20 years ago, but not in 2023.

This is still a subjective issue. Who’s “good for the game” are we going with? Yours? Mine? The overall player-base? Or the developer’s? We all have different ideas on what we view is good for the game, as you have pointed out. What we think is a massive issue =/= a massive issue to the Dev.

I think repair costs are nothing more than a means to punish players when SL has a perfectly good outflow with that being vehicle and module purchasing. You may think they’re anything but. You may have been perfectly content with just the T-90M getting a spall liner but BillyBoBTTV may find that to be poorly balanced implementation. Maybe going forward, we can change how things are implemented then to ensure the most accepted changes are added.

Gaijin can select a variety of things they want to add, and put for a series of polls for the players to vote on what exactly gets implemented. If Gaijin decides it wants to increase RP costs, put it to the players with an explanation and a poll and see if it’s genuinely good for the game.

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So basically, T-90M will be ready from day 1, and all other vehicles will maybe be playable after a few weeks if they decide to make it playable.


It would seem so.

Like I said prior, all top tier tanks should get it, or none should get it.

The community is already pretty angry about the new abrahms and the “challenger 3” which is nothing of the sort. This just adds fuel to the fire. This update is already going down like a cup of cold sick and this just makes it worse.

Gaijin need to backtrack and re-think this. It is unacceptable for a single nation to be given such a huge boost in survivability, especially on a tank which seems to have rather… generous intrepretations of it’s armour specs.

If they can’t find the specs for the spall liners on tanks from say, the chieftain up, then they need to make it up.


Russians cant comprehend non redneck engineering



What irks me the most about this is the constant picking and choosing what they want to be generous on and what requires such nitpicking specs to make viable. Or what can be “changed” for the sake of balancing. I’m sorry, but it still comes across as an absolute asinine decision to implement the M1A1 KVT as a standard M1 for “balancing reasons”. Balancing what?

As for the liners, I absolutely agree with you. If you can’t implement a module that nearly every tank mid-1980s and on had, then either don’t add it or just give it to everyone. Is it going to truly be game breaking if each 10.7 and onwards MBT gets is a small increase to their survivability?

Also have to agree this has been a pretty bad update announcement/introduction. Maybe a return to the drawing board to touch up some of the pretty glaringly bad (and Gaijin has acknowledged people are pissed) planned implementations.

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It will never happen, but I would love to see what documentation Gaijin used for choosing the t-90m’s armour and spall liner values.

I imagine they have made them up, as it will still be classified, but it would be nice to know what standard of evidence they used for the t-90m.

I imagine Gaijin were quite excited for the spall liners on the t-90m, it’s a shame they didn’t see the train with flashing lights, blaring horns and a huge loudspeaker playing “THIS IS A PROBLEM - STOP!” at top volume coming straight for them at full speed.

This is a mess of their own making and they have noone to blame but themselves because of their double standards and cherry picking. Everyone could see this coming.

Many, many, many years ago I played a game called world war 2 online, it was set in the battle of france in 1940. Now, at one point they decided to intruduce tigers etc. The problem was, the company was a load of wehraboos and really wanted the tiger in the game, so they tried to give the USA the m-10 and the French the mle1897 field gun as a counter. I can’t remember what they gave the brits, might have been the 6pdr crusder III and some churchill.

That’s right, they tried to give half their playerbase a field gun from 1897 as a counter to the tiger.

The game never recovered from this utter disaster. It still limps on but is a shadow of it’s former self and they’re reduced to begging for handouts.

It’s just a small but specific example of how stupid game decisions can have long term consequences.

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Found it - stand down chaps.

Edit - Isn’t that Razervons’ handwriting?


Oh yeah. Will never happen. I’d personally like go a step further and love to see either on the War Thunder Wiki or somewhere on the site a database for each vehicle in the game and all the documentation Gaijin used to implement it as PDFs. Sure the average player probably doesn’t care but it would be a great resource to seeing the information used.

“Oh hey; they added the F-14D. Let’s see what manuals and documents they had and or used. I’m curious to see if it had or will get X or Y”.

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You missed the comic sans for extra effect


Bugger - you see that’s why I’m not a Gaijin Technical Mod!

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They wanted a prem M1 to go with the other prem 10.0-10.3 tanks of other nations, and probably picked the KVT skin because it looks cool and sells well.
They didn’t decide against making it an M1A1 for “balancing reasons”. Back then Rank 7 was top rank and they don’t make top rank prems.

While I agree on this, seeing as they’ll probably take years to give fuel tanks to every plane that had them, giving most planes custom loadouts takes ages, and they only ever update one or two models per major update, the game would probably be dead by the time they have spall liners ready for every vehicle that had them. I’d rather they’d give it to all toptier tanks equally and then start working their way down with each major update.

do you really expect them to not make a christmas update with lots of new shiny toys to buy? that’ll never happen. and “returning back to the drawnig board” would probably postpone it by ages. I’d recon they’re working 2-3 updates ahead in different departments, and probably planned even further than that.

It does make me laugh.

“Wet storage”, like the carousel is submerged in fluid or something.

I don’t know if Russian tanks use insensitive propellants, I suspect not as they’re still using corrosive propellants., but if they don’t, it makes it even more silly the BVM’s don’t detonate when their ammo gets hit.

Western tanks use insensitive propellants by and large by the way, apparantly Rheinmetall even has one which won’t detonate even if it’s hit by a shaped charge.

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T-series tanks in WT pop up like the videos.
But you know, people don’t believe this cause they saw ammo disappear once and the negative memory is stronger than the positive memories.
I don’t remember any ammo disappearing, not even on Abrams even tho I’m certain it happened in my assault arcade spamming years back.