Researching the swedish tank tree faster


Can anyone give me suggestions on how i could research the swedish tank tree faster, I have the CV90105 premium but im pretty shit at using it and i dont want to spend anymore money on premium account.

I really don’t understand post like this. It’s not a race - just play them and have fun.

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he wants to play with da big bois asap no matter how stupid this is

Just wondering if there is anytinhg i can do to boost up the grind a bit

Best advice is to have fun!
Play a BR and a lineup where you do good. Not much fun when getting hardly any kills.
(This is NOT a suggestion, but one of my friends have reasearched the entire US tech tree playing nothing but 4.0).
Squad up with other people. Maybe join a squadron. Your win rate will increase dramatically when playing with others, and winning gets more RP.
( My win rate is currently about 60% when playing solo, but when squad’ed up with team mates, it’s around 90-95%. It DOES matter).
Sweden 4.0 and 8.0 are both very solid and fun to play. And if you need a little ego boost - Sweden have the absolut best 1.7 lineup in the game. The T28 and SAV43 owns that BR.
The Strv42 and Strv74 are both awesome and a ton of fun to play.


Yep - you will get faster research by getting better, and you get better by taking your time moving up the tree with lineups and enjoying the game rather than leaping ahead and being target practice for others.

I’d recommend using a premium at most 1 rank above your current top TT vehicle. The Strv 81 is an excellent choice, though the 1A5 has a bit better RP bonus.
Find a lineup that you enjoy playing, and buy talismans for those vehicles. Supplement the lineup with a premium if available, but make sure the premium is actually a type of vehicle you will enjoy playing.
Remember, it’s not a race. While I completely understand wanting top vehicles, it’s better to enjoy the progression process than to suffer and grind for top tier ASAP.