Researching Foldered Vehicles

Good morning everyone,

Just finished my grind to the F16A in the US tech tree. Noticed that now all foldered vehicles, i.e. F16ADF, have a changed efficiency rating. Not sure if it looks that way to everyone else. Looks like it is doing 10% total, instead of adding the 110% like it used to. Could be wrong, but my experience went from getting a 8k RP game and the foldered vehicle got less than a 1000 research posted to it

It looks like that for everyone. I believe it’s still 110%, but they just took the 100 part out.

As for your research part, idk what to say Abt that.

The normal “efficiency” in grinding the next vehicle is already “100%”. The “10%” is on top of that. As compared to the reduction if you are researching more than 1 tier away.
The bonus used to scale upwards with BR, but you know… the Snail’s gotta keep the peons down somehow.