Research points needed for spading top of the branch vehicles #tank

Hello, first proper forum post and it will be a ranting one.
Because of the latest changed that will be introduced in next major update with RP and folding I started to think about the topic of this post. Spading. And well, at least for the top vehicles (that also includes helicopters/planes, sorry I don’t play naval that much XD), its mind boggling. I really don’t understand why Gaijin punishes you for reaching the end of a tech tree. I invested some time to check how much RP is needed for spading tanks. And its shocking, only basing on BVM tree from rank IV onwards.
IS-2 (52.9K RP)
IS-2 1944 (71.3K RP) (+35%)
IS-3 (85.1K RP) (+19%)
IS-4M (130.9K RP) (+54%)
T-10M (145.8K RP) (+11%)
OBJ-435 (188.3K RP) (+29%)
T-64A (194.9K RP) (+4%)
T-64B (242.4K RP) (+24%)
T-80B (243.4K RP) (+0.4%)
T-80U (280K RP) (+15%)
T-80BVM (487K RP) (+74%) !!!

But this is not the end. In next update some of vehicles will be dragged up to top of branch, like Leopard 2K and Puma in German tree. And well, that just look bad XD.
2K went from 184.3 to 448.3 (+143%)
Puma went from 146.5 to 473.7 (+223% XD)
This really needs to be changed and I would love to start a open discussion about that. As I said previously, vehicles before that are alright. Throughout the grind gradually gets more and more difficult, I understand that and its completely normal, but jump for last, the most desirable thing is just simply too much. This needs to be lowered.
Also feel free to post your own calculations for other tanks.
If I made any mistake please correct me.