Research is getting ridiculous

I’ve been playing the game for almost 7 years and the grind has always been an issue. But now it has gotten absolutely ridiculous. Let me elaborate.
In this screenshot, I played a game of 6.3 RB, and made heavy metal hero with 10 kills. Not a bad game by all means. What is crazy to me is how little research you get for playing this well. 5,000 research. Really? Notice how premium doesn’t offer much help in getting more. What truly kills me is how you don’t actually get all 5000 of that research. 3/5 of it goes towards vehicle mods while a merely 2000 goes towards the next tank your’re researching to get. Are you serious?? You expect people to research tanks with that? I’d need to be playing this good consistently for 160 games to unlock a max tier tank. (If each game is about 20 mins, that would be 53.7 hours.
The cherry on top is how the research that goes towards my tank which can’t use it (because i already have all mods) simply disappears. It goes towards convertible research which i need to pay to use.
Note: Sure, i can play max tier to get more research, but you face the same issue. You don’t make much research in that tier either. Even if you did, it completely kills the desire for people in max tier playing low tier being it doesn’t help them unlock anything new. Lowkey ruins the game very much.

PPS: Lol, i find it cute how the awards on the side give you like 150 lions for achieving. What is 150 lions gonna do realistically for anyone? That’s pennies even to reserve rank players. Same for kills. It’s like 150 lions per kill.


I agree with the awards. I never care about them since they do pretty much nothing. They don’t feel special or satisfying to see.

To me, they just remind me that I did something. as some sort of notification.

I also agree that researching top-tier is painful. not to mention the stock grind also takes ages in itself. But then i remembered that this game is made to be painful and slow. its not about the player experience at all. its about profits.

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When you go into your mailbox, and it shows you your previous games, if you hover over the kills you got, it shows the XP and SL you gained.

2023-12-19 (5)

(For instance, shooting this ZTZ96 gave me less in returns because its a 9.3 whilst I was in a tank at 10.3)

Reason I bring this up is, (and I am very aware this is out of the players control) killing players at the same BR or higher grants you more XP and SL return, if you’re at a downtier or shooting lower BR tanks, you will gain less in returns.

You are obviously not yet able to understand how research works, because ALL your quoted RP claims are wrong somehow.

You got 5000 RP. Really! All 5000 go into modification research, but the vehicles that earned it have no more modification left, as you can clearly see on the right of your picture. The same 5000 RP also go into vehicle research. But as you are researching a vehicle outside the stated research efficiency of your panthers, you will only research at 40%. This is something you have control over.

Don’t know where you got that from. The awards on the left increased your SL by ~25%.

The question is: Are YOU serious? After 7 years?

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I have to agree here, while the RP gains do feel quite gimped at times, especially without premium time, there have been times where I get 5-6k RP for a semi decent game (4+ kills and a couple zone captures). I think your biggest issue is that you’re using vehicles at rank 4 to research a vehicle at rank 6. The vehicle research and modification research are entirely separate. The vehicle research is what you want to focus on. If you want to maximize that, you need to play at, above by one, or below by one rank of the vehicle you’re researching to have the full modifier.

No, you get 5000 towards modifications and 5000 towards vehicle research.

You are using lower rank vehicles to research higher than 1 rank higher. In this case Rank 4 to research rank 6, that nets you a research penalty.

I get that ground RB has very slow research speed, but at least understand that what restrictions there are on research. I honestly wish these restrictions applied to premium vehicles as in the 1 rank lower restriction on research

you are using a 6.3 to research a 8.7, this lowers the reward because of br/ tier differential.
You also lost the match so you dont get as much rp.
Dont forget that we all get lots of boosters.
you can also buy a talisman for any vehicle that is not premium.
Dont forget that when you spade (fully unlock all modifications) - you get an rp bonus towards the vehicle you are researching - even for completion of each tier of modifications.
You also get +100% rp bonus for using a vehicle to research the one after it in the tree.

Yeah, this is something I notice often too. I think those rewards should be scaled by rank.

It was ok in ye olde days, where the “trees were short”, but now, it’s really ridiculous.


youre researching a tank 6 tank using rank 4 vehicles, im pretty sure there’s a decrease in rp rates if you are using vehicles 2 ranks below the vehicle you are actually researching. Maybe they got rid of that in the recent updates, but thats what im thinking it is

Well said. As i said, getting higher in tier just ruins lower and mid tier because playin it serves no purpose in researching anything. So many people i know quit because it took too long to rank up. Keep in mind many people now are joining for the new stuff like jets and modern tanks.

I did not know that. Very helpful comment, but bruh. 200 xp for killing an Leopard 2?? Wtf is that? And i see half of that is in thank to premium. 40xp for killing a jet. Absolutely ridiculous. I remember when WT actually punished AA by reducing the XP made for taking out a plane. It’s as if they don’t like when you play the game

No, they expect you to get frustrated and pay money.

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sure my math may be wrong, but i’m not wrong. A lot of your xp goes to mods while little goes to new tanks. That’s where i’m getting at.
And ofcourse lower br is gonna get less xp, But should one really have to play just high br to research stuff? Becomes less of a game and just a grind sim.

sounds like the solution is pay to play


Look, if you wish to ignore your mistakes and insist on your observation, fine. Several people besides me told you what you do wrong to cause your observation. Your problem is in front of the screen.

Again, you don’t understand the economics. You don’t get 40xp for killing a plane. You get 40 xp right away. The rest you will get at the end of the match in your usually large match reward. You score matters there, and killing a plane will change your score. That is how RP works.

not really, paying has its advantages for sure.
If your aim is to rush thro the tree as quickly as possible, then yes- paying is your best option.
Personally i have not bought premium in years now.
i dont buy battlepass.
i dont boost research with GE,
i just play and get what i get, works fine for me.
i did give pretty valid reasons for the lack of rp - you could always acknowledge it and address some of what i mentioned to increase your gains.

oh- i also forgot - having a squadmate also gives reward.

First of all,you used two Tier 4 vehicle to research a Tier 6 vehicle. In game there’s something called “tier efficiency” or something like that: basically said vehicle is a X rank will be efficient to grind all the vehicles between Rank X-1 and Rank X+1. In this case,Tier 4 vehicles are good at researching Tier 3,4 and 5 vehicles.
The TAM is a Tier 6 vehicle,so it falls out of the efficiency and you get a penalty for that.
Is it a dumb mechanic?sort of,but it’s not hidden,the tier efficiency is present in any stat card.

Then,another tip: if you are researching any vehicle,use the vehicle before him to get a 130% bonus in research,in this case it’s the Marder 1A3

Finally,i’m scratching my head about the rewards: granted that i mostly play Arcade (so the rewards are lower),i farm around 2000-2200 RP a match if i’m not that good,2500-3500 if i’m good and over 5000 RP if i’ve done a lot (not only kills,but captures and assists as well),in one match i got 16 kills,6 assists and 3 captures and,with the 100 % skill bonus and 130% research bonus,i farmed something like 22.000 RP which is A LOT for AB (and i don’t have a premium)

This game is tedious,so don’t rush it and take it easy,my advice is to set a daily goal for the grind (i usually grind 20-22k RP a day minimum,and i’m researching Tier 7 now)

This isnt about low or high BR. Its about the effective research range for a vehicle of a given rank.

That is why you are getting less vehicle research than modification research

No, if you are within research efficiency range, if you earn 5000 RP, then modifications will get 5000 RP and Vehicle research will get 5000 RP. Thats how that goes more or less