Research efficacy changes to non-premium event vehicles

Would you like to see these research changes to non-premium event vehicles added to the game?
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Here, I would like to suggest some changes to the research efficacy of of non-premium event vehicles in order to make them more worthwhile to grind and more unique while also still retaining their intended purpose of providing less bonuses than premiums.

The idea is basically a hybrid between premiums and standard tech tree vehicles. Allow event vehicles to efficiently research 1 rank above and all ranks below them, like a premium vehicle, instead of 1 rank above and 1 rank below like standard tech tree and squadron vehicles. However, don’t give them the RP and SL modifier bonuses that premium vehicles have. Thus, they can efficiently research all the ranks that a premium vehicle of the same rank can, but they do it with the lower efficiency of a tech tree vehicle compared to a premium.

Alternatively, it could also be changed to 1 rank above and a certain number of ranks below such as 2 or 3, but I personally think that all ranks below, like a premium, is a better idea.

With this would also probably come a new background to differentiate them from tech tree, premium, and squadron vehicles. Here, I have created a concept for a new, yellow-green background for their icon in the tech tree as an example of what it could look like. Yellow-green was chosen becuase both squadron and premium vehicles have green backgrounds, so yellow would accompany those nicely as it fits within the general vicinity of those colors while also being distinct.

Example background:

Example of a vehicle on that background:

Note: I apologize for the AMX 50 Surblindé tree image being smaller than the base icon image, my tree creator tool downscales everything to 152x51 from 216x72.