Research costs for Mephisto VAB modules are too high

Why are research costs for modifications to the VAB Mephisto so high compared with other ATGM vehicles like the Chinese AFT09 or the Shturm-S?

To get the Sturm-S, which is the same BR with all the modifications, you’d have to pay 230,300 RP, but for the VAB you’d have to pay 391,500 RP.

I know that Gaijing hates France, but this is becoming a little too obvious.

The MEPHISTO is an end of line vehicle in the tech tree. End of line vehicles have always had higher module RP costs (that decrease if vehicles are added after them) so this isn’t anything new and this also applies to all tech trees so it’s not something exclusive to France.


Have a look at the ZT3A2

End of the line RP costs are stupid because eventually they’ll add more stuff and you’re again forced to grind end of the line RP and again, again and again.
Another system, like practically every system in the game that needs to be reworked, you shouldn’t be punished for researching a vehicle earlier than someone else.

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It’s a really stupid mechanism

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