Requesting suggestions on mid-BR premium tanks or planes to farm SL with

I am looking for at least one premium tank or plane to buy and use as a dedicated SL grinder. Due to the current Summer Sale, I am looking at the Tu-1 and Wyvern for air battles, and at the T29, Somua SM and IS-6 for ground battles. GE premium tanks and planes are on the table as well, though the maximum I’m willing to spend on any of them is 6090 GE. Also, I would give priority to premiums that are effective at grinding their nations’ techtrees.

Feel free to recommend more than one premium if you think they are worth the price. I have a limited disposable income at the time, but not so limited that I have to stay super cheap.

Thanks for the help and happy gaming!

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I have & like all 3, but if I had to choose only one, it would probably be the T29. Armor is solid, speed & reload aren’t too bad, it’s pretty good at one-shotting, and it’s only at 7.0 BR (lower than the other 2).

The best thing about the Somua is the amazing reload speed, and the very decent one-shot capability. Armor is definitely iffy though, so best to play it like a medium tank, not a heavy.

I like the IS6 too, but it’s definitely not the terror-inducing kill machine that it was a few years ago. The biggest drawback is the terrible gun depression, but if you’re playing the Russian TT, you are already familiar with this source of pain.

I need some time to figure out what would be the best way to make SL currently, with the recent economy changes, it used to be naval hands down, I think it probably still is.

Also I’m convinced that AB makes more SL over time than RB, definitely for air, probably for naval, and depending on performance in ground battles (though RB is probably better for RP).

I’d drop back to BR 4 to 5.3 to farm lions, anything over that the reward versus cost starts slimming way down.

Make up a preset in that range with the nation of your choice ( germany is a good one) maybe buy a medallion or two and just play.

Did this and my lion bank grew quick and my crews leveled up faster.