Reports from an old arcade and forum player! (+ than 30,000 battles)

Hello everybody! It’s my first time here on the new forum! So I apologize if I’m not posting in the correct tab.
I’m Brazilian, and I have some difficulties with the language, so please disregard small grammatical errors!

Well, I’m 41 years old and an old player here at War Thunder. Both in game and on the forum.
The passion for the game is such that I passed it on to my son PedroSniper, who has been playing since he was 14, and is now 18 years old.

And when you play for so long, and with so many dedicated hours, you accumulate stories and ties with the game, and I want to share some of mine.

I always enjoyed making tank suggestions on the old forum. And I was successful in some! And I’ll quote some examples!

The KV-122 was my suggestion, and I confess that I like to play with it.
Playing with something you suggested has a special flavor!
It is more fragile than the IS-2, but at BR 5.7 it is very good.

But the story is long and we are just getting started!
The IS-100 or OBJ 248, which you already have in the game, is also my suggestion. And I only had it for a few days. But I think he shouldn’t be at 6.7, in my humble opinion he would be at most a 6.3
I even think there is room for an IS-100m, which would be a derivative of the IS-2m
On Centurion I suggested the 105mm version, but the 84mm version was implemented. And I don’t have this one.

And now I’d like to talk a little about the tank I’m most proud to have suggested.

The Panther prototype is simply a marvel!!! Light, agile, fast and with a weapon that doesn’t need to be introduced!
It was a very happy day when he was introduced! I remember that I played more than 6 hours that day!

But I also had some bad ideas, to say the least.
One of my first suggestions was to have a Pz IV with the sloping armor, but that was just a blueprint.

The T-23 E3 torsion bar suspension

It is also my suggestion, and it is an intermediary between T20 and T25.
Practically a T-25 with Sherman M4A3 turret
I presume either the T-23 E3, or the T-23 E4 (which is not my suggestion) will be in the game in the near future.

The Centuriom MK-2 too!
I’m already at Battle Pass level 83 currently.
And a lot of that is due to him being my suggestion.

I also suggested the T49, which is basically an M41 with a bigger turret and the 90mm gun of the M48.
That would be a great rival to the Ru-251 and Type 62, and I also see great possibilities to see it implemented.

But then the English tree would be without a competitor for a light tank with a 90mm cannon.
And thinking about it I suggested the FV101 Scorpion 90 (90mm)

Which also has possibilities of being implemented, and has great potential in a game, especially in the realistic one.

I also suggested adding the last Soviet heavy tank. the OBJ770, a heavy tank with MBT mobility.
And I’m a big supporter of implementing OBJ 277

But there are two models that I have a special attention, and I really want to see here one day.

One of them is the VK3001H that I also suggested, and that we would have two plausible options.

It could come 105mm cannon, similar to that used on StuH 42 in 3.0 ~~ 3.3


Or with a KwK 40, to support the PzIV F2 in 3.3 ~~ 3.7

And my platonic love, the VK3601h

Who had turret and chassis produced!

And that could come with Waffe 0725

Or with a Kwk 40, which would be more plausible, and would look similar to the KV-1B 756(r) with better mobility

I probably left out some suggestions. But those were the main ones over the many years I’ve been here.
Thanks to you who read a little about my participation here in the forum.
And I’m sure it contributes a lot to the community.
Cordial greetings to all!